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This small vase has a matte black glaze on the lower portion and a thick green glaze with many bubbles in it that extends from the narrow mouth across the shoulder of the vessel.
Pewabic Pottery
Transfer from the College of Architecture and Design
Footed vessel with round body, short neck and flared mouth covered with an iridescent glaze over a semi-matte glaze that creates an appearance of irregular patches of color. It has an overall blue-green appearance. The rings of the thrown clay can be seen beneath the glaze.
Pewabic Pottery
Transfer from the College of Architecture and Design
This rectangular vase is decorated in one corber with a wheel or foral design carved into the clay. The opening edges of the vase are not straight, but asymmetrical. The natural ash glaze decorates the vase with varyig shades of gray.
Kōyama Kiyoko
1995 – 2005
Gift of Lori and David London
A gold colored porcelain urn. Images are included on the sides.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Satsuma Urn
1867 – 1899
Gift of Mary Beth and Holger Petersen
Small elongated vase with a slim body and narrow neck. Neck is a shiny brown glaze. The lower half is white with blue circular designs.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Small Sake Tokuri or Vase
1867 – 1932
Gift of Ann Holmes

Seifū Yohei III
Narrow-necked vase with crackled celadon glaze
1880 – 1914
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
A porcelain bottle vase of double gourd form on a flared footring with tall narrow neck and the reverse side flat with a slot for hanging. The vase is outlined in underglaze blue and has a six-character Wanli mark in a plaque framed by a polychrome overglaze lotus leaf on the top, and a lotus flower on the bottom. The front is decorated with underglaze blue and polychrome overglaze enamels to depict a pair of phoenixes flying among clouds on the upper bulb, and two phoenixes facing each other among an earthly flower garden on the lower bulb. These are confined between<em> lingzhi</em>-shaped clouds and lotus meander borders, with banana leaf lappets around the rim, all covered in a clear glaze. 
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Double-Gourd Wall Vase
1573 – 1620
Gift of Marian Doering in memory of Paul M. Doering
A white vase decorated with a landscape design that includes houses, trees, hills, bushes, and people. The vase has a long, thin neck and an everted rim. The foot of the vase is wide but very short.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Vase with Landscape Design
1800 – 1966
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rowe for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection
A stoneware vase on a narrow, tapered base with high, wide shoulders and a small narrow flaring neck with everted lip. The vase is carved with lotus petal lappets around the base and floral meander around the body and shoulder, and is covered with a green celadon glaze.  
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
1368 – 1450
Gift of Mrs. Henry Jewett Greene for The Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jewett Greene Memorial Collection
This vase has a high neck and gently sloping shoulders; an iridescent glaze glaze of greens and tan overlays a deep brick red on the main body of the vessel.
Pewabic Pottery
1924 – 1934
Transfer from the College of Architecture and Design
Tenmoku ware bottle with &#39;oilspot glaze&#39;,egg shaped base and long, narrow, cylinder neck.
Katō Kōbei V
Tall narrow-necked bottle with oil spot glaze
1950 – 1963
Gift of the artist

Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Iga Ware (?) Vase
Transfer from the College of Architecture and Design