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A portable painting (thangka) in gouache and gold pigment on sized cotton, framed with concentric borders of red and yellow figures silk, with an outer border of white satin with embroidered floral designs. The painting is designed to be rolled up when not in use.
Mandala of a Dhyana Buddha, possibly Amitayus
20th century
Gift of Mrs. Gracia E. van Loo

17th century
Bequest of Thakur Rup Chand
A portable painting in mineral pigments and gold on a primed cotton ground; the painting is designed to be rolled up when not in use. The painting was folded at some time in its history, resulting in a loss of pigment along two vertical lines.
Pehar Gyalpo
Gift of Mrs. Caroline I. Plumer for the James Marshall Plumer Collection

Tibetan (Tibetan (culture or style))
Bequest of Thakur Rup Chand

Tibetan (Tibetan (culture or style))
Bequest of Thakur Rup Chand

Tibetan (Tibetan (culture or style))
An imaginary portrait of the Tibetan monk and scholar Go Lotsawa (1392–1481)
1700 – 1899
Museum purchase for the Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection
A painting in ink, gouache, and gold pigment on cotton, with considerable damage.
Teacher and adept in a garden, with a yab-yum figure
1700 – 1899
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
A portable painting done in ink and gouache on loose-weave, primed cotton, surround by two strips of fabric. This painting has suffered greatly from water damage, running the pigments together.
Tibetan (Tibetan (culture or style))
Yungdron Dorje Pal (1284–1365) subduing a wrathful demon while attended by a meditation deity, Mahakala and other monks.
1700 – 1750
Gift of Mrs. Josselyn Van Tyne
A painting in ink, mineral pigments, and gold on paper. The painting would have originally been framed in concentric strips of silk, but the silk has been trimmed and the painting placed in a Western-style frame.
Tibetan (Tibetan (culture or style))
Portrait of an Rölpai Dorje (1717–1786), Lama of the Seal
1736 – 1795
Gift of Marybelle B. Hanna