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Glazed stoneware tan colored plate with dark brown oval swirl designs going around the outside edge. Center of plate is outlined in same dark brown color. Outside rim of plate is also dark brown. Resembles a "horse-eye" pattern.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Horse-Eye Plate
1800 – 1849
Gift of Ann Holmes
Plate with strips and dots of blue and white pattern surrounding on the outer loop of the plate, a dark color in the center. Outer ring of plate has mishima rope pattern and inlay of circles with six dots. Center is a green copper matte glaze with white cross shape and temmoku dots.
Shimaoka Tatsuzo (Japanese (culture or style))
1960 – 1970
Gift of Ann Holmes
Square shaped ceramic plate with iron black/brown glaze.  Areas of raised black glaze with speckled texture sharply contrast lighter brown sections.  Together they forn the shapes of circles, cracks, and lines.
Tamura Koōichi
1960 – 1963
Museum Purchase
A platter with landscape scene decorations.
Iranian (Iranian)
Platter with Lion in Garden
Museum Purchase
This is a Persian interpretation of a Chinese type which can be dated on the basis of shape--that aspect which the Near Eastern potter chose to adopt. The polygonal alteration of the rim was a late 16th century development in the Chinese tradition. The well-defined scenes and foliage of he Far Eastern model have been more impressionistically rendered and the vocabulary of vegetal forms has been drastically reduced. 
Iranian (Iranian)
Octagonal Plate
17th century
Museum Purchase
Four men sit under a canopied arch in a Chinese-style landscape with pine trees and a river in the well of this blue-and-white plate. The figure seated under the center of the arch holds an object on his lap, which the leftmost figure leans forward to inspect more closely. The old man who sits at the right of the group looks off to his right. The paneled border of the rim is decorated with four reserves featuring the figure of a seated Chinese man. The reserves are separated by a pair of narrow panels flanking a larger central panel. The narrow panels contain a stylized flower motif, while the larger panels are decorated with more elaborate floral designs.
Chinoiserie plate with four figures in a landscape
1655 – 1665
The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection

Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Large serving plate with design of lion romping among peonies
1867 – 1899
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Cook
Square plate with brown interior and a gray mishima-style border along the edge.
Shimaoka Tatsuzo (Japanese (culture or style))
Square Plate
20th century
Gift of Hubert and Norene Zernickow
Square plate with a gray mishima-style border around the edges. The center is divided into four squares, two green and two brown.
Shimaoka Tatsuzo (Japanese (culture or style))
Square Plate
20th century
Gift of Hubert and Norene Zernickow
Square plate with textured mishima-style border. The interior of the plate is brown with a trailed green design.
Shimaoka Tatsuzo (Japanese (culture or style))
Square Plate
20th century
Gift of Hubert and Norene Zernickow
A deep plate featuring a design of red and gold flowers, with a blue pot in the center, and smaller designs of buildings and flowers against backgrounds of white and blue.  On the underside of the plate, in the center, is a small red flower.  
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Imarii Plate
19th century
Gift of Jamie Dylenski in memory of Shirley Moore Milidonis

Blue-and-White Plate with abstract design of flowering plants
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing
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