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A man and woman embrace in center; the man appears in a dress coat, the woman in a very large hat. She looks out at the viewer, while the man's head is turned to the left. Near the woman's left elbow is the outline of a suggested figure; another embracing couple is outlined to the right. The smaller figures suggest a perspective and size to the space, only suggested through brief lines and indistinct objects on the left. Artist's sketch from life; Kirchner developed a rapid, stroke-oriented (as opposed to detail-oriented) sketch style when out in the world.
Ernst Kirchner
Dancing Couple (Dodo and Partner)
Gift of the Ernst Pulgram and Frances McSparran Collection
A man is shown bending down and reaching towards the ground with his right hand while holding his left hand closer to his body. His hat obscures his face.
Adriaen Jansz van Ostade (Dutch (culture or style))
1630 – 1685
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
A woman with a child on her back. She is wearing a long dress and has her arms folded up reaching her one shoulder (left).
French (French (culture or style))
Woman and Child
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Ludwig Herthel
Soldiers Sleeping
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
This drawing shows the backside of a person's body. The figure is reclining, and leans to the right with their legs bent so that their knees point upwards. The lower part of their body is darker and more defined. The print is signed and dated (l.r.) "Grausman / 1970".
Philip Grausman
Gift of Maestro and Madame Vladimir Horowitz

David Claypoole Johnston
Untitled (Allegorical Figures, Apollo, and Mercury Presenting Bounty to America)
1799 – 1865
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Irving Levitt

Maurice Sterne
Woman and Child
1877 – 1957
Museum Purchase
A square sheet of thin cream colored paper with irregular edges. The paper has a gauzy appearance and a rough surface that includes bits of pulp. On this sheet are two black ovoid forms created by fiber-like black, white and gray lines. These various lines create the appearance of volume, but not substance for the ovoid forms.
Michele Oka Doner (American (North American))
Given in memory of Oleg Grabar distinguished scholar of th Islamic Art and professor emeritus (1954-1969)
Two women on a staircase in an embrace. A man on one side with an arm raised in greeting. Another man is on the other side with a bag over his shoulder.
Artist Unknown
The Visitation
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
The Princess is standing with one gloved hand hanging by her side and the other, ungloved, resting on the banister of the stairs. In front of her, the stairs rise to a large stone building (possibly Windsor Castle). In the background is a deep landscape with figures in the distance at the right.
Henry Eldridge
Portrait of Princess Mary
1805 – 1815
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Aristide Maillol (French (culture or style))
Back of Nude Woman, Three-Quarter Length
1861 – 1944
Museum Purchase

José Luis Cuevas
Museum Purchase
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