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A Gothic-style church tower is seen in the middle distance. It dominates a cloudless sky in the upper portion of the image, with trees rising behind the lower portion of the building and a single story outcropping of the building expanding to the tower's left. The architectural details, especially the carved stonework and patterned brickwork, are rendered with precision.<br />
Signed and dated lower right on plate: "John Taylor Arms. 1937". Signed and dated lower right below plate in pencil: "John Taylor Arms 1937".<br />
Watermark: England
John Taylor Arms (American (North American))
Anglia Antiqua, West Walton
Gift of Carl Fredric Clarke
A man wearing a tunic, cape and boots stands in a minimal landscape. His walking stick seems to be falling away from him at the right as the man points upwards toward the sun&#39;s rays, as well as extends his right hand towards fire at the lower left.
René Boyvin
1539 – 1540
Museum Purchase

Julius Komjati
Bequest of Carl F. Clarke

Wenceslaus Hollar
Map of Berkshire with a View of Windsor Castle from the South
Museum Purchase

Charles Dufresne
The Three Crosses
1876 – 1938
Museum Purchase

Georges Rouault (French (culture or style))
Miserere. Pl. 34. "Les ruines elles-mêmes ont péri."
Museum Purchase

Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian (culture or style))
Roman Antiquities Series. Vol. III, Pl. V. Mattoni quadrati segati e linee diag
1720 – 1778
Gift of Miss Anna M. Barnard

Georges Rouault (French (culture or style))
Miserere. Pl.52. Dura lex sed lex. The law is hard, but it is the law.
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
Abstracted, organic shapes in black and gray tones flow through the top three-fourths of the composition. Some small, thumbnail like lines are embedded into the shapes in the center right. A small reddish-colored shape is in the middle of the composition.
Don Fink
Apollo - Series II
20th century
Gift of Herbert and Nancy Berhard.
This black and white print shows an outdoor scene with lush leafy trees, open sky and mountains in the far distance. Two figures are walking along a wooded path in the foreground- one is a man with wings wearing robed garments and the other a younger man carrying a single large fish. There is a city shown in the middle distance through the trees and a pasture scene depicted on the right.
Hendrik Goudt
Tobias with the Angel Dragging the Fish (The Large Tobias)
Museum Purchase

Carl Lespilliez
Two Designs of Ceilings, from a series of 10, 'Nouveau Livre de Plafonds Inventé
1723 – 1796
Museum Purchase
This decorative image is organized along a vertical axis wtih fanciful creatures, grotesque heads, depictions of carved gems and harpies.
Agostino dei Musi (Italian (culture or style))
Upright Ornament with Bull and Satyrs
1515 – 1525
Museum Purchase