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The Roman emperor Vespasian sits in an interior receiving a document from a standing figure to the right of the composition.  The emperor is dressed in a white robe and sits on a red chair to the left of the composition.  The interior is largely dark, with the exception of the emperor, whose figure is brightly lit.<br />The painting is in the original frame, which is constructed to resemble a Roman Temple with base, entablature, and fluted ionic pilasters.
Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Vespasian hearing from one of his generals of the taking of Jerusalem by Titus
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund
This painting, done in thick brushstrokes, shows a group of women gathered on the grass in a wooded area. There are six figures, four seated and two standing, and they fill the foreground of the composition. They are grouped in a semi-circle, however, there is no communication or eye contact between the figures. The women are wearing traditional Breton costumes with brightly colored aprons, caps and sashes. They have  bright white collars and caps with purple, burgundy and green ribbons.
Charles Cottet (French (culture or style))
Breton Women Going to the Pardon of Plougastel
1885 – 1913
Gift of Mrs. Atwood R. McAndrew, Jr.
This painting shows a train wagon filled with people in the foreground, and many train wagons following in the background. The train wagon and the people in it are being attacked by people on horses with tribal headwears and using weapons such as bows and arrows and axes. People in the train wagon are of Caucasion decent and have rifles pointed at those who seem to be Native Americans.
Charles Ferdinand Wimar
The Attack on an Emigrant Train
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis