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Abstract portrait of an actress, formed by abstract pools of watercolor with only slight detailing laid in after to suggest a bowed head and curved neck.
Emil Nolde (German (culture or style))
Gift of the Ernst Pulgram and Frances McSparran Collection

Agostino Carracci (Italian (culture or style))
18th century
Gift of George Baumgartner in memory of Max Baumgartner

Alfred Leslie (American (North American))
Mary Wigman's Dance Class
Gift of Maurice and Margo Cohen, Birmingham, Michigan
&quot;Rosetsu uses the wisteria tree to frame the painting and to create two separate planes, the foreground and the background. While doing this, he does not paint a very prominent background, thus making the foreground landscape more important and the focal point of the painting...The sinewy shape of the wisteria dominates the painting. There appear to be two separate trunks rooted to a small sliver of land pictured at the left side of the image. These trunks merge into one stem, forming a curve that snugly holds the monkey&rsquo;s body. The branch continues upward, disappearing at one point until it reappears, winding around the right side of the painting. Rosetsu uses a dark ink to create the trunk and branches of the wisteria, and there does not appear to be any indication of shading or altering the color to appear lighter. This darkening is especially noticeable compared to the stark, white flowers at the top of the painting. Their stems are soft and wispy, as if they are floating in the air.&quot;<br /
Nagasawa Rosetsu
Monkey Seated on a Wisteria Branch
1770 – 1780
Museum purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
Two girls, depicted in bold geometric shapes and block colors, reading a book together. The figure seated at viewer's right, slightly taller, is green and wearing yellow. The figure at viewer's left has a face of blue and white and is clothed in red resting her clasped hands upon an open book.
Pablo Picasso (Spanish (culture or style))
Two Girls Reading (Deux Enfants Lisant)
Gift of The Carey Walker Foundation

Jean-Jacques Hauer (French (culture or style))
General Lafayette and Madame Roland Drawing a Plan for the Festival of the French Federation in 1791
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis
Man inspecting a pistol surrounded by three other men. Surrounded by weaponry.
Lajos Kolozsvary
The Arms Merchant
1871 – 1943
Given in honor of Chilton Rupert Stearns, brother of Miss Isabelle Stearns
An image of a nude woman laying on her stomach, visible from the mid-section up, with her hair covering her face.
Burhan Cahit Doğançay (Turkish (culture or style))
Nude No. 029
Anonymous Gift
The lady stands against a bright green background with only a hint of physical setting. There are some ground lines at her feet with springs of red flowers and a simple stylized willow tree that curves around the figure. She stands with her body turning towards her right with her head in profile. She lifts a flower up in her right hand and hangs her left arms down past her waste. She wears tight lavender colored trousers with a diaphanous skirt covering them with a gold and colored brocaded scarf hanging down the center. Her breasts appear bare, but actually the blouse is also sheer, with a darker color at the shoulders and below her breasts. She wears gold brocade slippers and wide bracelets with black pompoms and rings, necklaces, earrings and a scarf hangs from her shoulders. A gold turban with a black aigrette crowns her. The portrait is framed with some gold and black lines and placed on a simple, buff colored border. An inscription in nastaliq&lsquo; script is above the painting.
Golconda School
Portrait of a lady under a willow
1755 – 1765
Purchased from the Estate of Edward Sonnenschein
There is a warrior monk in the middle of the page holding black armor above his head, getting ready to toss it. There are a couple lines of writing above his head and a signature and two seals in the bottom right corner of the hanging scroll.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Ôtsu-e: Warrior Monk of Mii Temple Tossing Armor
1950 – 1989
Gift of Rudolf and Mary Arnheim

Maruyama Ōshin
Chinese Beauty
1700 – 1749
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
Two women clad in flowing robes sit beneath a curved colonnade at the center of this delicately painted scene. The woman on the left, wearing a blue mantle, holds a lyre in her right hand and leans toward her companion, who holds open a musical score on her lap to which she points with her right hand. Books are piled on the steps next to the woman on the left and a putto sits next to her with a scroll unrolled across his lap. A second putto stands next to the other seated woman and plays a viol. A winged putto hovers over the heads of the two women, holding a small trumpet in his left hand and a laurel crown in his right, which he is about to place on the head of the woman with the lyre. Two bust-length portraits of men in oval frames wreathed with laurel hang from the columns in the background.
Charles Joseph Natoire
L'Alliance de la Poésie et de la Musique (The Alliance of Poetry and Music)
1741 – 1751
Museum purchase made possible by the George Green Fund