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This is a multi-colored abstract silkscreen print. The colors flow into one another and form organic shapes. This print is included in an artist's book. 
Sam Gilliam (American (North American))
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
In this image there are two containers holding pink flowers. The larger of the two vessels in the foreground and slightly to the left of center. To the lower right of this vessel is an array of fruits (presumably grapes and peaches). The other smaller vessel is directly behind the fruits.
Sojae Choon-mook Park
Roses and Fruit
20th century
Gift of Duane and Katie Renken
This pop-up book has laser-cut black silhouettes on white paper. Text contrasts with background; white text on black pages, black text on white pages. There is a ship embossed on the cover of the book.
Kara Walker (American (North American))
Freedom, a Fable
Gift of The Peter Norton Family Foundation
A landscape scenes of mountains with a building hidden behind the trees. At the top are lines of script.
Gao Cen (Chinese (culture or style))
Mount Hua (Hua yan) from the album, Twelve Views of Jinling (Nanjing) (one of pair of albums)
1667 – 1799
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Carter
Colored pring of a small body of water, surrounded by houses and small mountains. A gray wall is in the background. Text in upper left corner.
Gao Cen (Chinese (culture or style))
Boating by the Peach Leaf Crossing, from the album, Twelve Views of Jinling (Nanjing) (one of pair of albums)
1667 – 1799
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Carter

Gao Cen (Chinese (culture or style))
Greens Surrounding Qingliang Temple, from the album, Twelve Views of Jinling (Nanjing) (one of pair of albums)
1667 – 1799
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Carter
Various sketches of fruits and flowers each with accompanying calligraphy.<br />
Image 1: Large white flower in the upper left balanced by a large gray rock in the lower right. A smaller pink flower completes the visual triangle.<br />
Image 2: A branch bearing two clusters of small orange fruits begins in the upper left and ends lower, center.<br />
Image 3: A branch of white and pink flowers starts center right and moves off the page at upper center.<br />
Image 4: A branch bearing three large green fruits starts and the upper left corner and ends just right of center. Two fruits centrally located and the third is in the upper left.<br />
Image 5: Rock-mass in the upper right with green grass-like plants and light green orchids.<br />
Image 6: Fruit-bearing vine moves across the top of the page and crosses over the lower right corner.<br />
Image 7: Two large orange blooms are located slightly left of center and near the top. Opposite those the lower right half is dominated by a large rock formation.
Yong-chin Kim
Fourteen Fruit and Flower Sketches
Museum Purchase
This painting depicts two buildings to the left and a tree on the right separated by a trail or road. As the trail curves away from view, there is a big dropoff. The two buildings overlook the dropoff toward a background comprised of blue soft looking mountains that have small brushstrokes to give the effect of trees. The people in the closer building appear to be looking out into the scenery. The buildings are painted in variations of brown pigment while the trees and grass are colored in light and dark greens. To the bottom left is the artist&#39;s signature.&nbsp;
Kubota Kinsen
Enjoying the Scenery from a Mountaintop Tea House, from a collaborative album of 11Sketches
1918 – 1928
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Willson

Arisaka Hokuba (Japanese (culture or style))
Denka Chawan
1800 – 1849
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. J.E. Val-Mejias, M.D.

Rihua Li
Landscapes and Calligraphy
1575 – 1625
Gift of Julia Cheng
A published book containing text, prints and drawings. The cover is pale blue with a white pattern of a plant. On the title page, the artist dedicated and signed the book in black ink: "April 12, 2007 / given to the University of / Michigan Museum of Art / to recognize the contribution / of James Christen Steward. / Michele Oka Doner".
Michele Oka Doner (American (North American))
Gift of the artist

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes
Caprichos (book binding and sleeve)
Gift of Kurt Delbanco in honor of Nicholas Delbanco, and partial purchase with the funds from the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund