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A black and white image of a window with an 'OPEN' sign and lace curtains. The street and photographer are reflected in the window.
Richard Swanson
Untitled (Store Window and Open Sign with Street Reflections)
circa 1980
Gift of Mark Swanson
A black and white image of three children and four adults with suitcases greeting two other adults with a white fence in the foreground.
Richard Swanson
Estonian Refugees
Gift of Mark Swanson
Black and white image of a nude man shaving in front of a mirror. 
Joanne Leonard
Man in Mirror, West Oakland
Gift of the artist
Black and white image of students wearing uniforms wth drums attached by straps. A single lamp post is in the background. 
Joanne Leonard
McClymonds High School Band Members Pose
Gift of the artist
A photo collage consisting of three individual photographs and a strip of three images adhered to a board on top of a scrolling ribbon with a numbered grid. 
Joanne Leonard
Mansion of Happiness
1985 – 1995
Gift of the artist
Drawing of a man, woman, and child, each with Woody Allen's face.
Jerry Lawrence
American Moderne
1960 – 2014
Bequest of Marion Lawrence
A black and white photograph of a linked fence. Drawn into the center link is a figure with hands around the upper fencing.
William Wegman (American (North American))
Man in the Fence
Gift of Leonard Rosenberg
A black and white image of the reverse of an American flag, curled and appearing textured and solid. To the left bottom, a woman with a crown and a white jacket looks towards the viewer.
Robert von Sternberg
Pasadena Rose Parade
Gift of the artist
A black-and-white image of a spectacled man sitting in a wheelbarrow and smoking. A woman leans over him and touches her face to his. They are on a bricked street among buildings.
Peter Turnley
Concierge and His Wife, Rue de Lappe, Paris, France, 1984
Gift of David and Jennifer Kieselstein
A black-and-white photograph of grass and flowers, with opaque water, trees, and a rolling hill in the background.
Sally Gall (American (North American))
Tuscany, 1993
Gift of David and Jennifer Kieselstein
A black-and-white image of tall rock formations surrounded by crashing waves.
Sally Gall (American (North American))
Big Sur, 1990
Gift of David and Jennifer Kieselstein
A black and white image of a man sitting cross-legged with a low wooden table in front of him.  He wears white clothes.  His right hand rests on the table's surface, while his left is held up beneath it.
Sheperd & Robertson
1862 – 1863
Gift of Catherine Benkaim and Barbara Timmer
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