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A black and white image of nine men wearing VFW hats in front of a VFW sign.
Richard Swanson
Gift of Mark Swanson
A black and white image of three children and four adults with suitcases greeting two other adults with a white fence in the foreground.
Richard Swanson
Estonian Refugees
Gift of Mark Swanson
Black and white image of seven children with a television in the background. Two smaller children are held by two taller children and three others have their arms around each other.
Joanne Leonard
Family, Normandy, France
1950 – 1999
Gift of the artist
Black and white image of a marriage ceremony with the bride and groom sitting beneath a decorated archway. 
Joanne Leonard
Ruth Ester’s Wedding Party in Garden
Gift of the artist
Black and white image of people holding signs while walking across an intersection. 
Joanne Leonard
Protest Marching in an Intersection
circa 1965
Gift of the artist
Black and white image of men and women on a field surrounded by trash on the ground. Two women in the foreground are wearing coats, hats, and carrying purses next to a woman sitting on the ground. 
Lisa Larsen
Gift of John and Susan Edwards Harvith
A black and white photograph of a linked fence. Drawn into the center link is a figure with hands around the upper fencing.
William Wegman (American (North American))
Man in the Fence
Gift of Leonard Rosenberg
A black and white image of a man standing outside a building in front of a station wagon. He wears a baseball cap and a tank top with a zig-zag pattern, and holds a bottle in his right hand.
Robert von Sternberg
Mandeadero, Ensenada, Mexico
Gift of the artist
A black and white image of a woman standing in front of a tour bus and pointing her camera towards the viewer. Two handbags are hanging on her arms.
Robert von Sternberg
Iao Valley, Maui
Gift of the artist
A black and white image of a woman sitting on a poolside chair. Her right leg is crossed over her left and she looks to the left. She wears a hat of circular, flower-like shapes. A man climbs up the ladder and out of the pool in the back right.
Robert von Sternberg
Poolside, Waikiki
Gift of the artist
A black-and-white image of the horizon meeting the water with birds flying just above the water's surface.
Sally Gall (American (North American))
Galveston, 1980
Gift of David and Jennifer Kieselstein
A black-and-white image of a man standing in a boat, holding a long oar and facing away from the viewer. A large circular ripple follows the boat.
Sally Gall (American (North American))
Burma, 2007
Gift of David and Jennifer Kieselstein
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