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This book is covered in a marbled book cloth. Inside there is black text on white paper with photographs of the artist's works on the opposite page from the text. There is a message from the artists at the beginning of the book that reads:<br />
"To the reader of Side by Side from the sculptors<br />
These chapters together represent a contemporary sculpture novel.<br />
It is based on plans, intentions and experience.<br />
The form being abstract air brushes and the expression pure sculpture.<br />
The reader should not expect not to understand this volume as we have been careful to use only accessible material.<br />
We beg you not to criticize this, our work, as this could only result in unhappiness for both the reader and ourselves.<br />
And so, we leave you now with this our simple book.<br />
Yours sincerely<br />
George and Gilbert"<br /><br />
The book is organized into three chapters :<br />
Chapter One: With Us in the Nature<br />
Chapter Two: A Glimpse into the Abstract World<br />
Chapter Three:
Gilbert & George (British (modern))
Side by Side
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection