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This bright, abstract print includes a red ring in the upper right corner which overlaps a larger yellow ring.  There are splotches of light green and black dots. Black and pink intersecting lines are layered over the rings. 
Joan Miró (Spanish (culture or style))
Cercle Rouge
1948 – 1983
Gift of J. Frederick Hoffman
This woodblock print depicts a white bird between a black area on the left and top right and orange bottom right. There is something like a cross in the upper right corner and an eye. The name Jose Ortega appears in the top left and "Grabados en madera" (woodcuts) in the lower right. 
José Ortega (Spanish (culture or style))
No es verdad
1952 – 1953
A sketch of a long and gaunt man seated and begging with a bowl in his left hand. He is turned three-quarters to his right, away from the artist. He is unshaved and wears tattered clothing and no shoes. The shadows of the beggar suggest he is sitting on the street against a wall.
Pablo Picasso (Spanish (culture or style))
A Seated Beggar
1903 – 1904
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This is an abstract design with a green half-circle at the top and a blue one at the bottom, connected by a diagonal line. Between and around these are a large red squiggle, some dots and a large asterisk. 
Joan Miró (Spanish (culture or style))
XVI Bague d'Aurore
1952 – 1983
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection

Pablo Picasso (Spanish (culture or style))
Poster: Toros en Vallavris 1955 (Vallauris)
Museum Purchase
At the center of the scene, a man and a women sit at a table with an empty plate, two glasses, and a large bottle on the table before them. Their gazes are in nearly opposite directions and they appear gaunt.
Pablo Picasso (Spanish (culture or style))
Le Repas Frugal
Museum Purchase

Pablo Picasso (Spanish (culture or style))
Salomé, no. 14 of 'Saltimbanques'
1905 – 1913
Museum Purchase

Pablo Picasso (Spanish (culture or style))
The Dream and Lie of Franco (Sueño y Mentira de Franco). Plate 2.
Museum Purchase

Pablo Picasso (Spanish (culture or style))
Fleurs et mains (Flowers and Hands); After the crayon drawing
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kripke
Waves of bright red, subdued yellow, and dark red appear to bend in a three dimensional perspective. Thin dark lines bend across the shapes to add to the illusion of dimensionality.
Angel Duarte (Spanish (culture or style))
SE 10
1957 – 1973
Museum Purchase
This etching is a line drawing of a girl's face, filling the entire frame. The girl has curly hair. There is a border drawn around her face.
Pablo Picasso (Spanish (culture or style))
Head of a Girl
Museum Purchase

Joan Miró (Spanish (culture or style))
Exhibition Poster: Joan Miró
Museum Purchase
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