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A nearly cylindrical, dark gray and brown earthenware pot, with somewhat larger diameter at top than bottom and small, knob-like handles on either side near the top. Decorated wtih a line of small circular indentations around the upper portion, in line with the handles. Coarse linear imprints cover the entirety of the pot.
Diné (Navajo) (Navajo (culture or style))
Navajo Gray Ware Cooking Pot
1935 – 1945
Gift of Estelle Titiev, from the collection of Mischa Titiev
Red rug with black, white, yellow, and blue geometric designs. Two vertically oriented diamond shapes in the center. White and yellow stepped patterns moving towards the sides and blue and white triangular shapes forming a pattern as a border.
Diné (Navajo) (Navajo (culture or style))
Rug, Ganado style
1930 – 1940
Gift of Mr. Avery Z. Eliscu