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A crowd gathers around an altar in a Temple. The christ child is held by a bearded man, Simeon, on the right, while across the surface a woman kneels, holding a cage up to the altar. Behind the kneeling woman are Joseph (bald, in a large sleeved garment), Mary, and Anna (who is pointing to Mary). 
Marcantonio Raimondi (Italian (culture or style))
Presentation of Christ in the Temple
1506 – 1508
Gift of Nicholas and Elena Delbanco

Piero Dorazio (Italian (culture or style))
Gift of Herbert Barrows

Piero Dorazio (Italian (culture or style))
Gift of Herbert Barrows

Marino Marini (Italian (culture or style))
Standing Male Nude
Gift of Herbert Barrows

Emanuele Cavalli (Italian (culture or style))
Kitchen Scene
Gift of Herbert Barrows
A woman sits on the left holding a nude infant in her lap. An aureole of light radiates around her head as she looks downward toward the child, who returns her gaze. A bearded bishop wearing a miter and holding a crosier kneels before them on the right.
Andrea Andreani (Italian (culture or style))
Madonna and Child with a Bishop
Gift of J. Frederick Hoffman
A woman wearing long robes sits holding a pen in her right hand and props up a blank tablet in her lap. A putto helps support the table from behind and points toward the seated figure. A pot of ink with another pen appears next to his foot.
Bartolomeo Coriolano (Italian (culture or style))
Sibyl Seated with Tablet
17th century
Gift of J. Frederick Hoffman

Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian (culture or style))
Venduta del Tempio di Giove Tonante
Gift of J. Frederick Hoffman

Stefano della Bella (Italian (culture or style))
Vue d'un Coin de Calais
Gift of J. Frederick Hoffman
These ink sketches, on a portion of a larger sheet, depict different female heads, most ornamented with accessories. A study of a woman’s face in profile fills the upper left corner. Her hair is bound. A nearly frontal view of another woman’s face is at the center bottom of the sheet. She looks down to her left and wears a jeweled headpiece or crown. Three other smaller and more lightly sketched heads also appear on the sheet, two along the left edge and one on the right.
Stefano della Bella (Italian (culture or style))
Untitled (Studies of Female Heads)
1630 – 1664
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This ink sketch on paper contains a woman in the upper center hunched over with a bundle on her back. The lower half contains two female figures with an obscured female profile in between. On the left is a half-length figure of a woman seen from the back wearing a dress. In the center is the head of a woman in profile wearing a headscarf. On the right is a woman, drawn to her hemline, standing in three-quarters profile facing right, wearing a heavy robe.<br />
The reverse has a sketch of a young male turning to face slightly backward with left arm upraised.
Stefano della Bella (Italian (culture or style))
Untitled (Sketch of a Woman Carrying a Bundle and Female Figures)
1630 – 1664
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This photograph depicts a wide, ariel view of a city situated on thin strips of land with wide canals running between them. On the central island is a large white church and a wharf with a docked fleet of boats.
Carlo Ponti (Italian (culture or style))
Panorama del Campanile di S. Marco verso S. Maria della Salute (Sud-Ouest)
1860 – 1870
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Becker
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