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A biomorphically abstract sculpture of bronze. Bulbous at the bottom, the shape stretches and narrows in the middle and then expands into a larger shape from which two rounded points rise.
Hans (Jean) Arp;Fonderie d'Art Fonderie Susse (French (culture or style);French (culture or style))
Fruit Pré-adamite
Museum Purchase
A black and white image of a young woman, seated and holding a book in both hands, while another stands with her back to her. In the background, on the wall, hangs a picture depicting two women reclining. Sharp, thin lines run across the image.
Mary Cassatt;Edgar Degas (French (culture or style))
Mary Cassatt au Louvre, Musée des Antiques, devant le Sarcophage Étrusque
1844 – 1926
Gift of Nicholas and Elena Delbanco

French (French (culture or style))
Bust of a Bishop
12th century
Gift of George H. Forsyth and Ilene H. Forsyth

French (French (culture or style))
Playful Putti (One of a pair)
18th century
Gift of George H. Forsyth and Ilene H. Forsyth
This photograph depicts a view looking up into the thick canopy of a tree.
Bernard Descamps (French (culture or style))
Gift of The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation, in memory of Morris D. Baker, a graduate of The University of Michigan School of Architecture, 1952
Ink and gouache drawing in black, gray and white on tan paper with tall vertical structure at center of composition rendered in a series of quick vertical and diagonal lines.<br />
Albert Gleizes (French (culture or style))
Sur le Flat-Iron
Gift of Herbert Barrows

Jean Lurçat (French (culture or style))
Arlequin Général
1892 – 1966
Gift of Herbert Barrows
This print shows a blue cloud-like shape with a white bird on the top plume and band of sparkles near the bottom. The artist's signature and edition number are at the bottom. 
Georges Braque (French (culture or style))
Untitled (frontispiece)
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet

Fernand Léger (French (culture or style))
1945 – 1955
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet

Fernand Léger (French (culture or style))
La bouteille bleue
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet
A young woman in a black dress and white shawl holds a croquet mallet behind her back. She stands in the midground of the composition in a sunlit patch of grass strewn with three croquet wickets. In the foreground, three croquet balls mirror the wickets, and a white dog sits beneath a tree amongst a watering can and many small flower pots. Two more young women kneel and lounge in the grass in the background next to a small round pond with a fountain; an arcade of columns can be seen beyond the water.<br />
Signed and dated, in the plate, l.l.: "J.J. Tissot / 1878"
James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French (culture or style))
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Aldrich
A woman is shown standing in three-quarter profile and at three-quarter length. She wears a massive ornamented hat, and a light-colored day dress with bundled dark tulle at the neck. She raises her right hand to her cheek, and rests her left hand, which carries a folded fan, on her right hip. Her amused expression is illuminated by the light from a large paned window behind her, which takes up the whole of the background but does not reveal anything on the other side of the glass. <br />
Signed and dated, upper right, in the image and on the plate: "JJ Tissot / 1857"
James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French (culture or style))
A la fenetre
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Aldrich
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