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A man and woman sitting in wooden chairs in a kitchen with a white stove and stacked Corona boxes. He is barefoot and she is wearing sandasls. There are pots hanging on the walls.
Ken Heyman
Couple that Dr. Mead Studied (Achatoluhun)
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80
Image of two older couples sitting on separate benches. The left man and woman hold cigarettes and kiss; the right woman looks off to the left while her partner sleeps. Four dark-haired young men stand behind them. 
Ken Heyman
1967, Germany, Kissing Couples (Elderly couple kissing on park bench)
Gift of Zoe and Yuri Gurevich
Seven children play on and around the cement stoop of a brick building. One stands with arms akimbo, while another looks towards the pavement with hands in pockets.
Ken Heyman
Willie (with group of kids on street)
Gift of Zoe and Yuri Gurevich
Image of five boys holding books, dressed in top hats and formal school uniforms.
Ken Heyman
School boys with top hats, England, 1960
Gift of Zoe and Yuri Gurevich
A woman stands in front of large, hand-painted signs and a display of Swiss watches. She wears a dark coat and looks off to her left, mouth tensed.
Ken Heyman
Broadway (woman standing in front of Swiss watches being sold on street)
Gift of Zoe and Yuri Gurevich
Portrait of a woman with wrinkles and graying hair, wearing a head scarf and gingham shirt. She looks directly at the camera.
Ken Heyman
Old woman in checkered top and bandana
Gift of Zoe and Yuri Gurevich
Image of a boy standing in the doorway of a house with peeling, painted wood siding. He looks directly at the camera holding a pair of crutches.
Ken Heyman
Boy holding crutches, Newark
Gift of Zoe and Yuri Gurevich
Image of a man sitting outside with a hat full of paper currency in his lap. He looks up to his right and holds a cigarette in his left hand.
Ken Heyman
Man with hat full of money, Brazil 1961
Gift of Zoe and Yuri Gurevich
Image of a man in striped suitcoat standing at the edge of a street. A street sign at his right reads "One Way."
Ken Heyman
Newark Essay (one-way signs on street filled with people)
Gift of Zoe and Yuri Gurevich
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