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Oval-shaped piece of veined, green Swedish marble standing on one of its narrow ends. Three holes of different sizes penetrate into the object's center. The holes are painted in a semi-gloss black and matte white.
Dame Barbara Hepworth (British (modern))
Sphere with Colour (Grey and White)
Museum Purchase
A grid of thin black lines intersect the image, slightly off-center. In the background is an all-over, inconsistently-textured black rectangle. Each quadrant has a motif that transects the grid. In the upper right, there is an outline of a circle and a grey square, irregularly created in horizontal marks.  At the top left, there is a quadrilateral that transects the grid. It is colored yellow to the right of the line. In the lower left, there is a sketchy grey rectangle, similar to the one in the top right but created with vertical markings. In the lower right, there is another outline of a quadrilateral. This one also transects the grid and, to the left, is filled in with black.
Dame Barbara Hepworth (British (modern))
Three Forms Assembling
Museum Purchase

Dame Barbara Hepworth (British (modern))
Three Forms: from the set 'Opposing Forms'
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Vanek