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This photograph shows a man and woman at a dinner table. The man is covered in coal dust from his work in the mines.
Bill Brandt (British (modern))
Northumbrian Miner at His Evening Meal
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
A high contrast portrait of a woman. Shadows fall over half of her face creating a dramatic and graphic chiaroscuro. Her arm extends from the bottom left corner, comprising the majority of the compostion.
Bill Brandt (British (modern))
Museum Purchase
This high-contrast photograph of a nude woman reclining on a bed is taken from a low angle. Her legs appear larger than her torso, which extends into the background. A painting and ornate screen room divider are visible in the interior space behind her.
Bill Brandt (British (modern))
Campden Hill, London
Gift of Two Friends of the Museum
A photograph of a nude woman on the rocky East Sussex coast. The perspective of the image creates a strange elongation, abstracting the female form.
Bill Brandt (British (modern))
East Sussex Coast
Museum Purchase