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In the top left, a volcano erupts with flame shooting upward. Around the volcano, wrapping from the center of the image to the lower left corner, are dozens of individuals who seem to be fleeing the eruption. The larged figure is a mother, a baby in her arms and her mouth and eyes wide open. The entire drawing consists of lines, including shading, with underlying washes of color.
Alfred Kubin (Austrian)
The Omen (Das Zeichen)
1907 – 1917
Gift of the Ernst Pulgram and Frances McSparran Collection

Alfred Kubin (Austrian)
Gift of Herbert Barrows

Alfred Kubin (Austrian)
Transport in the Mountains
1877 – 1949
Museum Purchase

Alfred Kubin (Austrian)
Der Fang (The Catch), from Rauhnacht
Museum Purchase
A remake of the traditional Golgotha crucifixion scene. On the right is a horribly distended figure, hanging precariously from a cross that leans out toward the viewer. He represents the left thief, or, the bad thief. He looks out toward the viewer. At the bottom center is a hooded Mary figure, her face shielded from view. At the far left, another cross contains the regular, "sleeping" form of another crucified man, but without the distention of the first. On the ground between the two is the empty cross of Christ, marked by the INRI signed nailed into its top. Along the center of the image, in the background, a file of viewers move from right to left, one of whom carries a ladder. Clouds can be seen in the sky.
Alfred Kubin (Austrian)
The Left Thief (Der linke Schächer), preparatory drawing for "Golgotha" illustration in 20 Pictures of the Bible (20 Bilder zur Bibel), 1924
Gift of the Ernst Pulgram and Frances McSparran Collection

Alfred Kubin (Austrian)
Zwecklos sich dagegen aufzulehnen (It is Useless to Resist It)
1877 – 1957
Museum Purchase