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A medium size, well potted jar with round shoulder and shorter neck. Inside is not totally glazed. On the body, pine, bamboo, and plum trees are finely painted with blue underglaze. Then a translucent glaze is applied, which turns into milky, white color. It has three floral decorations on the shoulder; the decoration is originated in functional elements of “ears” to which ropes were tied for transportation. The neck has a band of double lines and spray design of peony flowers and leaves. The rim of the neck is unglazed. The foot is unglazed; eye is glazed. Some imperfections of glaze are seen toward the bottom. Glaze is scraped off on one part. Many speckles on the surface.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Blue-and-white jar with floral and leaf design
1615 – 1643
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
This photograph depicts a view from a low perspective of a forest with its reflections in a body of water below.
Bernard Descamps (French (culture or style))
Gift of The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation, in memory of Morris D. Baker, a graduate of The University of Michigan School of Architecture, 1952
A stereoscope view made of wood and brass. It has a wooden stick handle that supports the viewer; which is made of a metal case with glass pieces that the viewer can look through. There are two cross shaped pieces of wood attached to the viewer; the horizontal piece of wood slides along the vertical piece, and has two brass holders for the stereoscope card.
Stereo Classics Studio
Stereoscope Viewer
1925 – 1980
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
Wooden chair with arms, hemp webbing for seat and backing. Modern in form and style.
Bruno Mathsson
Eva Chair
1929 – 1939
Gift of Julia W. Jickling in honor of John W. & Barbara F. Jickling

Paul Caponigro
Redding Woods, Connecticut, from "Color Nature Landscapes II"
Gift of Marilyn and Leon Sokol

Luigi Lucioni
Birch Patterns
Museum Purchase

Ilonka Karasz
Bequest of Jean Paul Slusser

Mossi;Bwa;Burkina Faso (Mossi)
1900 – 1985
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art

Luba (Luba (culture or style))
Carved Wood Figure
1945 – 1955
Given in memory of Sidney H. Roberts
This photograph depicts two figures seated at a picnic table outside a rural home.
Walker Evans (American (North American))
Robert Frank's House, Nova Scotia
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Lunn, Jr., in Honor of the Centennial of The Michigan Daily
Oil-type paint and mixed media on carved 3/8” hardwood veneer wood panel. Grain runs vertical on painted surface. Carved areas expose inner core running horizontal.
Lucio Muñoz
The Mirror
Museum Purchase

Tabwa (Tabwa)
Thumb Piano/Plucked Idiophone (Kankobele)
1900 – 1984
Gift of Al and Margaret Coudron