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Side view of the Maison Carrée, a Roman temple, in Nîmes, France.
Em. Pec. (Pierre-Émile-Joseph Pécarrère) (French (culture or style))
Maison Carrée at Nîmes
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
This photograph depicts an aerial view of an ancient temple surrounded by trees.
Marilyn Bridges (American (North American))
Priene, Temple of Athena, Turkey
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
This photograph depicts an aerial view of ancient ruins.
Marilyn Bridges (American (North American))
Olympia, Greece
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
An open-air brick structure with columns on all four sides sits atop a small plateau surrounded by flora above the shore of a body of water.
Francis Frith (British (modern))
Pharaoh's Bed, Island of Philae
Gift of Frederick P. and Amy McCombs Currier
Shown is a complex of temple building on a lakeside. There is a small grouping of buildings on the opposite side of the lake to the left and there is a long building that runs along the right side of the lake with a passage-way to the docks on which is the end of the building. Surrounding the temple complex are pine trees, cliffs, and mist. On the bottom right of the painting is the Seal of Shūbun which lets us know that this is a Shūbun style ink-painting.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Lakeside Temple (Landscape in Shûbun style)
1467 – 1532
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Province M. Henry
This photograph depicts an aeriel view of ancient temple ruins. 
Marilyn Bridges (American (North American))
Archaic Temple Overview, Corinth, Greece
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
Egyptian temple decorated with carved motifs seen from a slight oblique angle.
Antonio Beato (British (modern))
Temple of Horus at Edfu
1860 – 1870
Gift of W. Howard and Margaret Bond