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Vincent Courdouan
Save Us
Museum Purchase
A woman who just got out of a public bath is crossing a bridge and trying to protect herself with an umbrella from the wind and rain of a sudden yûdachi. She uses one hand to keep her kimono decorated with fishing net and sea anemone patterns from flying open, and carries a soap pouch in her mouth. Three swallows fly above.  The title, yu agari ("after the bath") is inscribed in the lower left hand corner of the print, just above a seal with the artist's name, Hiroaki.
Takahashi Hiroaki
Evening Scene in Tokyo: Woman with Umbrella on Bridge
1920 – 1940
Gift of Millard Pryor in Memory of Mary S. Pryor

Honoré Victorin Daumier (French (culture or style))
Les Beaux jours de la vie. Pl. 20: Un Soir de Fête nationale
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Walter E. Bohl
Breaking Trail
Bequest of Carl F. Clarke

Max Klinger
Rescue (Rettung), pl. 4 from 'A Glove' (Ein Handschuh), Opus VI
1878 – 1881
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern

David Fredenthal
Rain over Plains
1938 – 1944
Gift of Glen and Jennie Paulsen

Wenceslaus Hollar
Amoenissimae Effigies. Plate 23. Die Zuyder Zee.
Museum Purchase

Charles Emile Jacque
A Farm (Une Ferme)
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Alfred H. White

Luis Nishizawa
Rain Over the Valley
Museum Purchase

George Montbard
1841 – 1905
Gift of Samuel P. Hayes
The snow scene of a village. Several groups of tavellers are walking toward a house located on the side of the road. Two figures carrying heavy stuff are walking away along the path.
Andō Hiroshige (Japanese (culture or style))
Hôeidô Tôkaidô Series: Ishibe, Megawa Village
1833 – 1834
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
A stormy and blustery landscape dominates the scene; at the lower left corner, a man with a moustache leans into the wind, clutching his coat in front of him with his right hand and holding his hat in place with his left hand. The landscape is flat and largely open; small groups of trees are visible in the distance and dark lines in the sky represent clouds and squall lines. In the center of the image are faint diagonal lines "cancelling" the plate.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
The Storm
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
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