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Standing figure with its hands clasped at a u-shaped protrusion on its chest. The facial features include an angular nose, slit mouth, and eyes made of glass beads.
Standing Male Figure
1950 – 1999
Gift of Mary Paul and Bruce Stubbs in honor of Evan Maurer
Standing figure with one hand at its hip and the other at its chest. The facial features include an angular nose, slit mouth, and eyes made of glass beads. 
Standing Male Figure
1950 – 1999
Gift of Mary Paul and Bruce Stubbs in honor of Evan Maurer
Standing human figure with arms in front of the body and slightly bent knees. The head is round with minimal detail. There is a large crack through the center front of the figure. 
Standing Figure
1915 – 1925
Gift of Harold W. Geisel, U.S. Foreign Service
Dome-shaped cap with two elongated flaps symmetrically opposed on each side of the cap. There is a circular pattern on the top of the hat and the sides are decorated with geometric patterns resembling chevrons.
Kuba (Kuba (Democratic Republic of Congo style))
Titleholder's hat
1895 – 1905
Gift of Marc Leo Felix, Brussels
Thisi is a miter-shaped hat with a double layer of fabric made from whorls of light-colored cotton applique on dark green velveteen ground. The sides of the hat terminate in red tassels. The front edge of the hat is trimmed with red fabric.
Chief's hat
1925 – 1975
Gift of Dr. Douglas C. Kelley
This red, felt, miter-shaped hat with lateral flaps terminates in gold-colored tassels. An internal wood frame sewn in to the central spine of the hat keeps its peaked shape. Two figures are delicately embroidered with yellow thread, one on each side of the hat. The figure on its left resembles a lizard with a small round head and long tail. The figure on the right is human and appears to be wearing a costume. A narrow strip of green fabric covers the external, central spine or seam of the hat. The hat's interior is green.
1925 – 1975
Gift of Dr. Douglas C. Kelley
Left panel of a diptych featuring a figure dressed in an elaborate robe with a crane motif. He is holding a dish in one hand and there is a smaller figure behind him. The smaller figure is holding up a wind chime decoration that features Chinese characters. Both figures are facing right.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Heavenly Officials with Symbols for Success in Examinations, Happiness, and Good Fortune (Diptych)
;1800 – 1999
Gift of Sharlynn and Andrew Circo, in memory of Sotokichi Katsuizumi
Cone-shaped cap with flattened top. The cap is stitched with black linear uneven chevron patterns. The bottom of the cap contains four symmetrically positioned flaps. 
Kuba (Kuba (Democratic Republic of Congo style))
Titleholder's hat
1945 – 1955
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
Standing female figure with her hands on her stomach. 
Chokwe (Chokwe (culture or style))
Female Figure
20th century
Gift of Robert M. and Lillian Montalto Bohlen in memory of Nancy Turner Bohlen
This knitted or crocheted hat in a tall, cylindrical shape has concentric circles and checkerboard patterns decorating the top. The body of the hat is made of small open circles and short rod-like projections. 
Tikar (Tikar)
Prestige Cap
20th century
Gift of Meryl Pinsof-Platt
An ivory sideblown horn with a dark patina. The top of the horn is decorated with a standing human figure. Both hands are placed underneath the chin. Directly under the figure is a carved hole. 
Sideblown Horn
20th century
Gift and partial purchase from the estate of Kurt Delbanco in honor of Nicholas Delbanco
This cap is made from woven fiber with dark purple, dark green, and brown feathers. The feathers face upward and outward, forming a dome-like shape to the cap. Around the bottom edge there is a row of feathers that are longer than those at the middle of the cap. Near the top and center of the cap are long feathers that stick straight up. 
Cameroon (Cameroonian)
Feather Hat
1900 – 1983
Gift of Meryl Pinsof-Platt
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