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Scene of three nude people (two women, one man) and a skeleton in a room next to a bathroom that is sketched on the left hand side of the scene. The skeleton is wrapping itself around the younger woman while the older woman, in darker and more opaque colors tries to free her. The man in the back is depicted as much smaller and week, lagging behind.
Eli Levin
Death in the Family
Gift of Stephen and Bettina Pollock

Thomas Eakins
Small Horse--Skeleton
Gift of Wilfred B. Shaw

Valentine Green
Museum Purchase

Joseph Mallord William Turner (British (modern))
Liber Studiorum. 6. Jason
1775 – 1851
Museum Purchase
A bearded man sits in a cemetery upon a stone block and leans on a sarcophagus with his head in his hand. A book sits in his lap. Sarcophagi, obelisks, and funerary urns surround him. The bones and body parts of humans and animals along with a discarded helmet and books are strewn across the foreground.
Salvator Rosa
Democritus in Meditation
1615 – 1673
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
A skeleton chasing a woman who is holding on to a piece of clothing that she was wearing, while her bra is also being torn off of her body. The woman has a very scared look on her face as she is trying to get away.
Eli Levin
Skeleton Chasing Woman
Gift of Stephen and Bettina Pollock
A skeleton, with a rifle strapped to his back and a flag of the skull and crossbones in his hand, rides a horse over 13 skulls. The skeleton is wearing a sombrero and he has a handlebar mustache. 
José Guadalupe Posada (Mexican)
Calavera Zapatista
1910 – 1913

Lowell Nesbitt
Hand and Chest
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Clark
This print shows a black and white skull on a hairy, insect-like body with a tail and six legs. The figure holds another skull in its right hand and a bone in its left hand. Other smaller skulls and bones surround the figure.
José Guadalupe Posada (Mexican)
Calavera Huertista
1905 – 1915

Rodolphe Bresdin
La Comédie de la Mort
A figure of a skeleton wearing a hat, scarf, pants and sandals walking towards the left side of the image. He has a mustache and carries a bottle.
José Guadalupe Posada (Mexican)
Calavera Maderista
1910 – 1944

Georges Rouault (French (culture or style))
Miserere. Pl. 54. 'Debout les morts!' 'Arise, ye dead!'
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kripke