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Two nearly identical figures stand together. Both are dressed in a robe and hat. The left figue is holding a basket and the right figure is holding an instrument. There is a dragon in the background to the left of them. 
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
The Ho-Ho Brothers of Harmony
20th century
Gift of Willard A. and Marybelle B. Hanna
Two women in long robes stand arm in arm in a landscape. One figure holds an olive branch in her right hand, and her companion cradles a cornucopia against her hip.
Bartolomeo Coriolano (Italian (culture or style))
The Alliance of Peace and Abundance
Museum Purchase

Igbo (Igbo (Southern Nigerian style, culture))
Elephant Mask
Gift and partial purchase from the estate of Kurt Delbanco in honor of Nicholas Delbanco
This mixed media painting has a graffiti aesthetic. There are a series of portraits, one large in spray paint in the center of the work and a number of smaller ones in collaged newspaper. Throughout the composition are stenciled phrases in black and red paint as well as inscribed phrases in pen and various colored paints. There are also a number collaged pieces of newspaper. The work is signed and dated (l.r.) "B Dogancay / 2009" in yellow paint.
Burhan Cahit Doğançay (Turkish (culture or style))
Give Peace a Chance
Anonymous gift
A portrait of two women; the woman on the left kisses the forehead of the younger woman to the right, who looks down. They both wear draped fabric.
Julia Margaret Cameron (British (modern))
The Kiss of Peace
Museum Purchase
Metal figural sculpture made of decommissioned AK-47s welded together
Ouk Chim Vichet
Apsara Warrior
1999 – 2007
Museum purchase made possible by Guy and Nora Barron