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Nakayama Tadashi
Kinkaku (Golden Pavilion)
Gift of Sheila and Ronnie Cresswell

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Simulated cinnabar lacquer snuff bottle
1950 – 1970
Gift of Mr. Robert W. Coggan

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Mongolian snuff bottle
1900 – 1949
Gift of Mr. Robert W. Coggan
Tan cloth background with an arch to a pavilion.
Sugawara Hakuryo
Architectural Detail
1867 – 1899
Gift of the Estate of Betty I. Monroe, PhD
Mountain landscape with a pavilion and two figures sitting under a tree. A calligraphy poem lies on the upper right hand corner.
Okada Hankô
Landscape of Mountain, Building and Seated Figures
1820 – 1830
Gift of the Estate of Betty I. Monroe, PhD

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Red cinnabar lacquer snuff bottle
1825 – 1900
Gift of Mr. Robert W. Coggan

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Snuff bottle with painted landscape scene
1800 – 1880
Gift of Mr. Robert W. Coggan
The green mountains in this fan painting appear truly vertical and solid. The clouds, too, in spite of their rounded edges appear to be frozen in space. A pine tree bends over the side of the cliff, with its foliage over a traveler in white crossing a bridge below.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Blue Mountains and White Clouds
14th century
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Carter
This L-shaped composition uses soft yet bright colors to depict a curving road through rolling green mountains covered with the varing red tones of autumn trees.  A solitary figure sits in a pavillion, and the scene is obscured by wisps of white clouds.
Chang Ku-nien
Solitary Leisure in a Quiet Pavilion
Gift of Dr. Cheng-Yang and Mrs. Shirley Chang
In this landscape a misty, meandering river is depicted with two boathouses along its banks. Reeds and other foliage grow lush along the banks, partially obscuring the boathouse in the foreground. Accompanying text is in the upper register.
Chang Ku-nien
Night Rain on the Xiao and Xiang Rivers
1970 – 1992
Gift of Dr. Cheng-Yang and Mrs. Shirley Chang
Mountain landscape with trees and houses. A hermit-like figure is sitting in the pavilion by the water.
Okada Beisanjin
Mountain Landscape with Pagoda at Water's Edge
1867 – 1932
Gift of the Estate of Betty I. Monroe, PhD
A lone pavilion sits among trees in the foreground.  Birds flock nearby, and in the background are more trees and rocky formations.  Calligraphic texts in in the upper right corner.
Hine Taizan
Landscape in Ni Tsan Style
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund