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A scene in the life of Mahavira. The composition is designated a narrow strip near the left, while the rest of the page is used for text and red circles. The illustration is divided into two registers, with depictions of two women in each. The infant Mahavira is seen in his mother’s arms, at the upper left.
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
The Sixth Night Vigil from a Kalpasutra manuscript (fol. no. 38v), depicting two pairs of queens
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink in memory of Morris Foster
Brightly colored painting with three primary registers. The uppermost and smallest register contains a poem. The lower two are larger and similar in size. The bottommost depicts stairs, architectural structures, snakes, and flowering plants. Above, the middle register frames a seated man under a canopy-like architectural form, who reaches out to grasp the wrist of a woman. Behind her is a flowering tree, and and the far right, and open door.
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Lady meeting her lover from the Rasamanjari of Bhanudatta series
1625 – 1635
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
A photograph of a young boy standing in front of a wall. He looks up with his arms spread wide. The peeling paint on the wall creates a textured backdrop.
Henri Cartier-Bresson (French (culture or style))
Valencia, Spain
Museum Purchase
A mass of small, colorful brush strokes.
Robert Goodnough (American (North American))
Gift of Gertrude Kasle
An abstract photograph of a detail of a wall.
Aaron Siskind (American (North American))
Museum Purchase
Fresh greens for the foliage and dark blue clouds sprinkled with lightning set the rain celebration scene.  Court ladies have gathered on the lawn, and some swing under a blossoming tree, while the raja and a woman watch the exciement below from a balcony of his white palace.
Artist Unknown, India, Rajasthan, Kotah School
A celebration of the rains
1800 – 1832
Gift of Mr. George P. Bickford for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection
A lone boatman appears from behing the rocks, looking forward. Above him and slightl foregrounded arches a tree, and behind him lay a series of trees and rocks. Black dots are used to accent the rocks, and repeating patterns indicate leaves on trees. Red seals are in the lower left and lower right corners, and a third is at the end of the block of calligraphic text at top right.
Chen Huan
Boating on a River in Autumn
Gift of James J. Freeman
In this intensely lyrical painting from Bundelkhand in Central India, the great river is shown tumbling from the night sky. Ascetics sit cross-legged on the mountainside, offering their austerities to Shiva, while women come to venerate Ganga. The river teems with life—crocodiles, turtles, fish, and birds—while lions, leopards, jackals, monkeys, and rabbits cavort on its banks.
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Descent of the River Ganges
1770 – 1780
Museum purchase made possible by a gift of Sarah W. Graf and Otto G. Graf
The four-armed Vishnu is shown lying on the serpent Ananta (“the endless one”), resting on the surface of the cosmic ocean. As his female consort gently strokes his leg, Vishnu awakens from a long sleep. From his navel sprouts a lotus, bearing the four-headed creator god, Brahma, who will begin a new cycle of the universe.
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Fragment from Markendeya Purana: Vishnu Reclining on a Serpent
1750 – 1799
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Leo S. Figiel and Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Figiel
The outline and reflections of a gem painted onto wood.
John Francis Torreano
Grey Gem Cut
Gift in honor of Dr. E.Bryce and Harriet Alpern, by their children
A group of women gather to wash clothes in a river while a man looks on.
Kensel Franklin
Washing Clothes
20th century
Gift of Dr. James L. Curtis
This crayon-manner engraving printed in sanguine depicts a grouping of figures arranged in a celestial space and positioned against clouds. A large female figure draped in cloth dominates the upper portion of the composition. She holds a set of scales in her left hand. Two female figures, one clothed, one nude, gather below at this figure’s sandaled feet in the center left of the composition. The clothed figure holds a palette and paintbrushes while the nude figure holds a mallet and a sculpted portrait of a man’s face. At the bottom right three male figures, one of whom wrestles a snake, appear to be attacking the female figure holding the palette. A clothed figure donning a helmet protects the figure holding the scales in the upper right.
Gilles Demarteau (Flemish (culture or style))
La justice protégé les arts
1763 – 1767
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink