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Pierre Daura
Mother & Child, 12 S.C.I.
1948 – 1958
Gift of Martha R. Daura
Group of women and children playing in the shallows.
Joel Meyerowitz (American (North American))
Lake in Catskill Mountains
Gift of Selma & Gerald Lotenberg

Brenda Goodman
Mother Fear Mother Dear
Gift of Brenda Goodman in honor of Gertrude Kasle
The main figure in this print is a man standing in contraposto pose in a generic outdoor setting. His right hand rests on his hip, a guitar is slung across his back, and a piece of cloth is tied around his head. His gaze meets that of the audience. He stands in the center of the composition. To his left is a seated woman with a naked baby in her lap; a sack lays on the ground next to her bare feet. Behind her, a standing boy leans his head backwards in order to drink from the upturned jug he holds. He is shown in profile. All of the depicted people wear simple, loose-fitting and slightly worn-looking costumes. Three-quarters of the background space is comprised of a cloudy sky; a rocky terrain is suggested in the midddle background.<br />
The print is signed in the plate, lower right corner, "éd. Manet."
Édouard Manet (French (culture or style))
Les Gitanos
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
Rip in paper repaired at lower center. Possible that paper was cut into rectangle from rondo shape. Some lines apper inscized; possibly used as a cartoon (?). Paper size: lh 17 7/10cm &amp; rh 17 4/5cm x tw 15 9/10cm &amp;bw 16cm.
Girlamo Parmigianno
Mother and Baby
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
A baltic amber snuff bottle that is shaped like a diamond. On the top of the snuff bottle is a mother of pearl stopper in a brass collar.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Baltic amber snuff bottle
1880 – 1940
Gift of Mr. Robert W. Coggan

Jean-Michel Moreau le jeune
I Accept the Happy Omen of It (J'en accepte l'heureux prèsage)
Bequest of Doris Margaret Grigaut for the Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection

George Romney
Mother and Child in a Landscape
1734 – 1802
Museum Purchase
A nude woman and boy are intertwined in an embrace. She is kneeling with her right arm raised and bent, finger pointing upwards, and the boy reaches around her and fondles her breast. The woman is holding a gold sphere in her left hand and they are on a pile of textiles. 
Dotty Attie (American (North American))
Mother's Kisses
Museum Purchase
This print shows a close up of a hand holding a golden sphere. The background is bluish-grey drapery. 
Dotty Attie (American (North American))
Mother's Kisses: detail of hand holding orb
Museum Purchase
This print shows a foot in profile, and upside down. Fabric is draped across the background.
Dotty Attie (American (North American))
Mother's Kisses: detail of foot on fabric
Museum Purchase
This print shows a foot in profile.
Dotty Attie (American (North American))
Mother's Kisses: detail of son's foot
Museum Purchase