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A large man with both arms raised, holding an ax over his head, is standing on a large log that is already partially split.
Raymond Creekmore
1930 – 1940
Courtesy of the Fine Arts Collection, U.S. General Services Administration, New Deal art project
A drawing of livestock grazing outside of a building and piles of wood.<br /><br />
Eva Caston 2017
Warren Lombard (American (North American))
'Rothenburg Sketches' VII. Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Alfred H. White

Manuel Álvarez Bravo
Crossing at Chalma
1942 – 1981
Gift of Lawrence and Carol Zicklin
This painting shows a landscape with white trees in the background, and men in the foreground; some of the men hold tools in their hand. The men are amongst tree logs. A large pot cooks over a campfire and is labeled in red paint "HOBO STEW". There are four black birds flying in the sky, and a gray donkey stands next to one of the men. The painting is titled in red paint (l.l.) "HOBO JUNGLE" and signed in black paint (l.r.) "UNCLE JACK".
Uncle Jack Dey (American (North American))
Hobo Jungle
1955 – 1978
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection

Manuel Álvarez Bravo
Huichol Violin
1965 – 1981
Gift of Lawrence and Carol Zicklin
This photograph depicts a view of a hilly landscape. A cluster of leafless trees dot the hill and a small pool of water sits at its base.
Alen MacWeeney
Wicklow Trees, County Wicklow, Ireland
1965 – 1966
Gift of Carl W. Melcher