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Linda Connor
Tours, France, from "Photographs Rhode Island School of Design"
Gift of The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation, in memory of Morris D. Baker, a graduate of The University of Michigan School of Architecture, 1952

Gustave Doré
Pies, from La ménagerie parisienne; #16 of album of 24.
The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection
This photograph depicts a view of a street scene in Naples, Italy. Hanging from the terraces of an old, elegant building are lines of laundry. In the street below are carts, pedestrians, and laborers.  
Giorgio Sommer (Italian (culture or style))
1866 – 1891
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
Photograph of the conjoined facades of a barber shop and a laundry, named the "Star Pressing Club."
Walker Evans (American (North American))
Star Pressing Club, Vicksburg, Mississippi
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Lunn, Jr., in Honor of the Centennial of The Michigan Daily
This work is a black and white lithograph. Central to the image is a woman who is crouching and bent over towards the right. She holds a paddle in her left hand and fabric in her right which fans out before her as she washes it. There is a dark sketchy area behind the woman. Her hair is dark and in two braids which drape back over her shoulders. She appears to be nude.
Jean Charlot (French (culture or style))
Woman Washing
Museum Purchase

Edward Epping
Echoed Sunsets
Gift of the Michigan Workshop of Fine Prints.

Isami Doi
Roof Scene
1930 – 1940
Allocated by the U.S. Government Commissioned through the New Deal art projects
This colorful watercolor shows a crowded cityscape with streets appearing in consecutive horizontal bands, each with buildings or specific types of vehicles. High-rise buildings in the background and various smaller buildings, trains, and cars move along the streets in front. Clothes-lines hang between the buildings in the background. A yellow train passes in the foreground. The artists name appears on a white vehicle near the bottom left.
Vernon Jirgins
1950 – 1960
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection
Pieces of white cloth are hanging on the laundry lines to be blown dry by the wind.
Emilio Sanchez
Untitled, Ropa Vieja
Gift of the Emilio Sanchez Foundation
Pieces of white cloth are hanging on the laundry lines, being blown dry by the wind.
Emilio Sanchez
Ropa Vieja
Gift of the Emilio Sanchez Foundation
This etching, in a pale blue, brown and gray color scheme, depicts an outdoor scene with a large Roman style building and several human figures in the foreground. One giant wall, with two large arches, with semi-circular apses behind, crosses the middle section of the composition from left to right. It intersects a massive building that has a series of vaulted chambers. Both structures have crumbling stonework and overgrown vegetation. There are several groups of women in the foreground on both sides of a river. Some are in the water washing laundry and some are standing with wash hanging on lines. There is a small dog on the shore.
Jean-François Janinet
La Villa Madama
Museum Purchase
This photograph depicts a woman walking into her home in a rural village after hanging laundry to dry on a clothesline. 
Francis Bedford (British (modern))
Clovelly, North Hill
1850 – 1894
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Hartsook through the Friends of the Museum of Art