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Christ Healing the Lame Man (?)
17th century
Purchased from the Estate of Edward Sonnenschein
A figure dressed in a red robe holding a lotus fan is looking at another figure to the right who is dressed in a yellow and purple robe and headdress, holding an instrument. They appear to be floating in the clouds. This image seems to be on top of a red paper cutout. 
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Hanging Cash: Two Immortals Zhongh Liquan and Zhang Guolau
20th century
Gift of Willard A. and Marybelle B. Hanna

Illustration from an Augsburg Bible (Incunabulum)
15th century
Museum Purchase
Carved wooden figure of a crocodile. A carved wooden bell is attached to the figures neck. The face (eyes, nose, and mouth) are detailed.
Kongo (Kongo (culture or style))
Power figure (nkisi kozo)
20th century
Gift of Dr. James and Vivian Curtis
In the foreground, a group of several figures, dressed in graeco-roman clothing, surround a man lying in bed. The setting has classical architectural components such as columns and pediments and a large stone sundial in the upper left corner. The figures are painted in bright colors (blue, white, gold and red) but the rest of the composition is painted in muted colors (gray, brown, dark green). Most figures are gazing up at the sundial.
Bertholet Flemal (Flemish (culture or style))
The Illness and Cure of Hezekiah
Museum Purchase
Carved wooden figure of a human. The umbilicus protrudes and is concave, which would have held magical/medicinal substances. The figure is posed with crossed legs and one hand supporting the head. The face is detailed, with glass eyes. A metal ring was placed around the neck of the figure. The top of the head is empty, but possibly contained magical substances as well. 
Vili (Kongo) (Vili)
Power Figure
1845 – 1855
Gift of Candis and Helmut Stern
Carved wooden figure of a human form with a narrow torso and wide hips and shoulders. The hands and feet are represented by round knobs. The face consists of small eyes and a closed mouth. Geometric patterns are carved into the figure and there is a string tied around the waist. Patches of human hair are attached to the top of the head. 
Northern Cameroon
20th century
Gift of Dr. James and Vivian Curtis