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Landscape with trees in foreground, valley in middle ground dotted with minute figures of sheep and a farmer with a team of oxen pulling well-filled haywain. Mountains in distance with a snow-capped mountain in center background.
Sylvester Phelps Hodgdon
White Mountains in September, North Conway, New Hampshire
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis

Maxime Lalanne
Les Chaumières (after a painting by Van Goyen, 1633?)
1827 – 1886
Gift of Samuel P. Hayes

Maxime Lalanne
Les Chaumières
1827 – 1886
Gift of Samuel P. Hayes

Thomas Nason
The Hay Barn
Bequest of Carl F. Clarke
A two-story cottage with two chimneys is in the middle of the page. The view of it is obstructed by the large mound that takes up the right half of the image. There is a green tree on the left side of the cottage.
Joseph Mallord William Turner (British (modern))
A Cottage
1775 – 1851
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet
This print has a white background with a pattern of bright yellow dots covering its surface. Yellow lines and shapes are formed in areas where the dots overlap or merge.
Roy Lichtenstein (American (North American))
Haystack #1, from "Haystack Series R L 69-231"
Gift of Dr. Seymour and Barbara K. Adelson

William Wendt
Harvest by the Sea
1885 – 1938
Gift of the Estate of Mrs. Martin A. Ryerson
A ramshackle, half-timbered house fills most of the plate. Seen from an angle, the view of the house is accented by the sharp shadows created by dormer windows and a patchwork of overhanging roof. In the foreground, at the left, a dog is curled up sleeping in the sun; next to him leaning against the house is a pitchfork. At the center foreground, two children speak to one another through a partially open doorway or gate in the yard.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
The Unsafe Tenement, One of the 'Twelve Etchings from Nature,' or the 'French Se
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Peter Dewint
Still Life
1784 – 1849
Gift of Mr. Gilbert M. Frimet
Two reapers at work in a field.
Eugène Atget (French (culture or style))
Faucheurs, Somme
1890 – 1974
Museum Purchase

Henri Riviere
Dawn (No. 8 from 'Views of Nature') or Le Crépuscule (No. 8 from 'Les Aspects de
Museum purchase made possible by the Alfred E. Pernt Memorial Fund in honor of Doctor of Technical Sciences Max H. J. Pernt and his wife Anna Pernt (née Mueller)

Leon A. Makielski
1905 – 1948
Museum Purchase