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R. Pereira
Boat Landing Place, Tanga (now Tanzania)
1895 – 1905
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Bond
This black and white etching shows a pier that dominates the foreground of the scene, and recedes toward the left distance while the center distance is vague darkness. There are tall, black pillars along the pier and waves of the water visible to the right of the image. The print is signed (l.r.) "Emil Nolde".
Emil Nolde (German (culture or style))
Hamburg, Landungsbrücke
Museum Purchase
From the height of a cross, a crucified man, wearing a crown of thorns and a loincloth, looms over a dramatic landscape. Three heads with wings appear near the top of the cross, and a skull and crossed bones lay at its base. A vast prospect of distant mountains and a bustling port unfolds through the background.
Bartolommeo da Brescia (Italian (culture or style))
1565 – 1576
Museum Purchase

Abraham Storck
Marine Lanscape
1635 – 1710
Museum Purchase

Betty Waldo Parish
Railroad Yard
1930 – 1940
Allocated by the U.S. Government Commissioned through the New Deal art projects

Ann Nooney
Jamaica Bay
Allocated by the U.S. Government Commissioned through the New Deal art projects
This photograph depicts a view of the harbor of Palermo, a stone pier running through the frame and a fleet of wooden sail ships at their moorings. In the background rises the mountainous land formation of Monte Pellegrino.
Giorgio Sommer (Italian (culture or style))
Monte Pellegrino e il Molo Palermo
1866 – 1891
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond

19th century
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
St. John the Evangelist sits in the foreground with a book open on his knee and quill pen poised over its pages. Two books rest next to him and an eagle has alighted on an adjacent rock. St. John looks up and to his right to see a standing figure of the Virgin Mary holding the infant Christ, who appear in a glowing mandorla hovering in the sky. A vast panoramic view of a bustling harbor and formidable mountains unfolds behind St. John and extends into the distance.
Joos van Cleve;Lucas Gassel
St. John the Evangelist on Patmos
1520 – 1530
Museum Purchase

Roberto Rive
Palermo della Villa Belmonte
1860 – 1870
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Bond
This print shows two sailboats and three rowboats—one with rower—on Cuter Harbor, Maine, with clouds on the horizon.
Warren Lombard (American (North American))
Cuter Harbor
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Alfred H. White
In this photograph, a group of men sit or stand near two tents along the bank of a wide river. The hills and trees on the opposite bank form the horizon line.
Felix Bonfils (French (culture or style))
Le Jourdain – The Jordan
1867 – 1885
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond