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This etching depicts a three-quarter profile portrait of a woman’s face. The woman looks contemplatively toward the right with a solemn expression as her head rests against her right hand. The edge of her left shoulder is loosely sketched in the lower right of the composition.<br />
Käthe Kollwitz (German (culture, style, period))
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
It is a knife made of silver. The sword blade was made of steel. Floral design was printed on the knob and Deer and bamboo was printed on the cover.<br />
<br />
This small knife is worn by a man. The handle and sheath are decorated with ten symbols of longevity against ring-punched background. The other side features engravings of plantains and lotus buds. Plantain symbolizes resuscitation from death and is one of the Eight Treasures of Taoism. The lotus flower symbolizes purity and the law of cause and effect as it emerges from mud (dirt) and bears seeds.
<p>[Korean Collection, University of Michigan Museum of Art (2017) p. 285]</p>
<br />
Korean (Korean (culture or style))
Ladies Knife
19th century
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund

R. G. Morgan
Keep this Hand of Mercy at Work - War Fund Week - One Hundred Million Dollars - American Red Cross
1913 – 1923
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons

Ralph Gibson (American (North American))
Window Washer, Paris, from "Artifacts"
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Sobel
This print shows a close up of a hand holding a golden sphere. The background is bluish-grey drapery. 
Dotty Attie (American (North American))
Mother's Kisses: detail of hand holding orb
Museum Purchase

Jean Ingres
The Honorable Frederic Sylvester Douglas (Son of Lord and Lady Glenbervie)
1815 – 1825
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Duncan Stuart
Museum Purchase
Eight hands and wrists, some male others female, are arrayed across this sheet in various gestures.
Sheet of Studies of Hands
19th century
Gift of Clan Crawford, Jr.