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Nicolas Charlet
Aux Armes Citoyens! Formez Vos Bataillons!
1792 – 1845
Museum Purchase

Charles Parrocel
Studies of Soldiers' Heads
1688 – 1752
Museum Purchase

Morris Topchevsky
1899 – 1950
Gift of Chet LaMore

Jacques Callot (French (culture or style))
The Gunners, No. 12 from 'Les Grandes Misères de la Guerre'
Anonymous Gift for The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection

Laton Alton Huffman
A Killing of Elk
Gift of Dr. & Mrs. Michael Fauman

Artist Unknown
Are You 100% American? Prove it! Buy U.S. Government Bonds - Third Liberty Loan
1912 – 1922
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons
This black and white print shows an outdoor setting with two men, one reclining and facing the viewer, the other seated with his legs drawn into his chest and gazing out to the right. They are dressed in robes and wear Arabic headdresses ("Guhtra"). There are rifles at their sides. In the background on the right are two men, one riding a horse, who walk toward a group of buildings in the distance. There is a French inscription below this scene that identifies the artist, title and publisher of the print.
Eugène Delacroix (French (culture or style))
Arabes d'Oran
Museum Purchase
A woman crouches, looking over her left shoulder. She wears a long patterned robe in disarray. In her right hand she carries a long gun. The wall behind her is painted with a plum tree. A recessed screen has a dark floral pattern on a light background.<br /><br />
This is the center panel of a triptych.<br /><br />
Inscriptions: Tsutaya, Kichizō (Publisher's seal); Fuku/Muramatsu (Censor's seals); Signature: Toyokuni ga; Sekijō (undeciphered)<br />
Utagawa Kunisada (Japanese (culture or style))
Yoshitsune's Letter from Koshigoe: Bandō Shūka I as Gotobei's wife Sekijō
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
The barrel of an antitank gun points out of the picture plane; a building has caught fire in the distance. 
Dmitri Baltermants (Russian (culture or style))
Berlin is Taken
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)

Laton Alton Huffman
A Killing of Elk
1854 – 1931
Gift of Dr. & Mrs. Michael Fauman
Depicts a group of Arab warriors on horseback in full gallop charging away from the viewer through the desert landscape.
Christian Adolf Schreyer
The Retreat
1855 – 1895
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis
Text: Help Deliever the Goods - DO IT NOW - (tag on warheads) To be Delivered RUSH
Herbert Andrew Paus
Help Deliver the Goods - Do It Now
1913 – 1923
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons