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Square-format photograph of three small sculptures with eyes printed on them organized in a stack, alongside a pair of spectacles.
André Kertész (American (North American))
Three Eyes
Gift of Dr. Seymour and Barbara K. Adelson
This is the title page for a portfolio of photographs, "Ralph Gibson, The Silver Edition - Volume I." Below the title line are five images of the black and white photographs contained in the portfolio.
Ralph Gibson (American (North American))
The Silver Edition, Volume I
1966 – 2003
Gift of Selma and Gerry Lotenberg

Saitō Kiyoshi (Japanese (culture or style))
Steady Gaze (Shell)
Gift of the artist
7-sided frame made of reclaimed wood moulding and slats nailed together and backed with strips of green felt, possibly from a pool table. Gold wire traces the wood frame, and is accented with a fuzz ball or googly eye at each corner. A toy car is placed on the gold wire “track” at bottom center; car racing flag stickers attached to the frame in a couple places. Three pieces of thread are strung horizontally across the frame, a “spider web” attached to top two lines with puffy paint. A wood (?) cutout of a smiling joker mouth hung from web by wire.
Martin Johnson
Do yu Get it
The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Fifty States, a joint initiative of the Trustees of the Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection and the Nation Gallery of Art, with generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Institute for Museum and Library Services
This black and white print depicts a creature with an alligator-like open jaw with three sharp teeth. The creature takes up most of the image and appears to be floating in space. A black ground with a suggestion of a small plant appears at the lower edge of the composition. <br />
Georges Rouault (French (culture or style))
Flying Dragon
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Saitō Kiyoshi (Japanese (culture or style))
Man and Woman (two heads in profile)
Gift of the artist
Portrait of a man with his head resting on his hand showing only his right eye, cheek, forehead, hand and a bit of his shirt cuff with a curving unidentifiable vertical form to the right obscuring the sitter’s face. <br />
Arnold Newman (American (North American))
Jean Arp, 1949
Museum Purchase
In this mixed-media print, there is a white background with black outlines of facial features, lips and an eye, and a creature in the bottom left. In the upper left corner there is a rectanglular sheet in cream layered on top; a wavy vertical design stretches diagonally from the top of the rectangle to the bottom in yellow, red, and blue. Within this sheet, there are small figures at the center left drawn in black. To the right in the sheet, there is a collaged image of one of the artist's paintings, incorporated into a cube. Above, there are drawn birds. There is a small mechanical-like figure on the sheet at the bottom left. At the center of the print, in the cream page, the artist signed "Dali" and dated the print "1975. To the bottom left, on the larger white page, there is text inscribed in the plate, mirrored and someone illegible, that possibly reads "Leill Ciclopeer Alucire la bouche Almient tire / Lula [illegible]." The print is number at the lower left in pencil.
Salvador Dali (Spanish (culture or style))
Télévision liquide et gazeuse
Anonymous Gift
At the center of this print, there is a large bust in a variety of colors (orange, yellow, green, black, blue) and a kind of floating hat in brown and purple. The face is created by a series of collaged images. There is a mouth and one eye on the head and another collaged mouth sits at the edge of the figure's clothing, like a brooch. Coming out from the right side of the head, there is a line drawing of a woman's profile with lines emanating from her eyes and ear. In the background, there is a simple landscape. The print is signed (l.r.) and numbered (l.l.) in pencil.
Salvador Dali (Spanish (culture or style))
Maquillage Cyclopéen
Anonymous Gift
A black poster featuring an image of an eye, a bee, and an 'M' with lines dividing it. The bottom left offers a textual explanation of the symbols.
Paul Rand (American (North American))
EYE-BEE-M (Rebus)
Gift of Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo and Maria Phillips

Saitō Kiyoshi (Japanese (culture or style))
Steady Gaze (Flower)
Gift of the artist