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Two women seated on dock in bathing suits, looking at the camera. The woman in the front is holding a small clear bottle.
Duncan Hartley
At the Beach, from "Classmates of Class of 1960"
1960 – 2013
Gift of the artist
A legless man seated on a dolly on the sidewalk. Two women and a boy are walking by, not noticing him all wearing white.
Duncan Hartley
Legless Man at Times Square
1957 – 2013
Gift of the artist
A small urban house is seen in a nocturnal view set in winter.  The house is covered with icicles hang from the gables and over the first floor windows and door.  There is no illumination from inside the house, although there are lights in adjacet houses; the house is illuminated by a cool white light that, along with the house, illuminates the chain-link fence to the right and the trees flanking the house.
Gregory Holm
Ice House
Museum purchase
A boy and girl seated on two upholstered chairs eating pizza. The girl is wearing a fancy dress and the boy is in a shirt and tie. There is a large bowl of potato chips on the table.
Duncan Hartley
After the Dance, from "Classmates of Class of 1960"
1959 – 2013
Gift of the artist
Two men inside a store looking out the window with three rows of bottles in front. "Alemagna" sign is on top of the window.
Duncan Hartley
Restaurant and Cafe in Little Italy
1975 – 2013
Gift of the artist
People seated on a grandstand looking at a parade passing by. The Twin Towers are in the background with clear skies.
Duncan Hartley
Bicentennial Celebration in New York
07/04/1976 – 2013
Gift of the artist
A man getting off the top of an escalator wearing a hat, suit and tie. Vibrant red, white and black rectangular wall behind.
Duncan Hartley
Businessman Ascending Escalator in Pan Am Building
1977 – 2013
Gift of the artist
Man seated at a table with Armageddon sign. He is wearing a striped shirt and looking at the camera. There is a New York City bus map posted on the column behind him.
Duncan Hartley
Armageddon, Midtown Subway Station
1978 – 2013
Gift of the artist
A man and woman working on a sculpture project that is seated on a lazy susan. The man is holding a small metal tool and the woman is looking over his shoulder.
Duncan Hartley
Art Class, from "Classmates of Class of 1960"
1958 – 2013
Gift of the artist
Blurry image of a man walking a dog on a leash past busy shops in the background.
Duncan Hartley
Man Walking Dog in Greenwich Village
1978 – 2013
Gift of the artist
A interior view of Grand Central Terminal Concourse. Large clock and Manufacturers Hanover Trust sign in background. Very busy with many people walking around.
Duncan Hartley
Grand Central Terminal Concourse at Lunchtime
1976 – 2013
Gift of the artist

Mel Alexenberg
Long Island Angel
1937 – 1987
Gift of Pratt Graphics Center