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The work is a color photograph of three models framed by mauve curtains. The models form a pyramidal shape, with one model crouching in the foreground, two standing behind her leaning inward. At the top of the composition a small pink rose is pinned to the wall.
Guy Bourdin (French (culture or style))
Anonymous Gift: New York

Sir Frank William Brangwyn
Religious Procession, Genoa
1867 – 1956
Gift of Mrs. Charles F. Weber.
A girl with long loose hair stands on a carpet in front of drapery. She is wearing a straw hat and cape over her dress; she is wearing flat shoes with rosettes on the top. She stands facing slightly to the left, although her eyes look at the viewer. Her left hand is not visible and her right hand holds the edge of her cape.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
Annie Haden
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
An adolescent girl stands facing the viewer; her left leg is behind her and she holds a hoop in her right hand, her right leg steps through the hoop. Her long hair falls to her shoulders and she has bangs. To the right are the words, "I am Flo".
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
Florence Leyland
1868 – 1878
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Franklin Watkins
Still Life with Japanese Print
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Irving F. Burton

David Vestal
Bethlehem, CT
Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH
Photograph of a tableau from a Catholic church in Calvario, Patzuaro, Mexico. The scene includes a male figure at the center, with two women and one man arranged behind him.
Paul Strand (American (North American))
Calvario, Patzcuaro
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Davis through the Friends of the Museum of Art
A dark pen drawing with white highlights on a white colored background. It shows a nude female figure seated on a swing. The setting is a wooded area with vegetation and leaves depicted with multiple short strokes that cover the entire area around the figure. The woman is posed facing the viewer with her legs intertwined and her arms above her head, grasping th ropes of the swing. She is gazing out to the left, beyond the viewer and has a joyful expression on her face.
Henri Fantin-Latour
Sara la Baigneuse
Museum Purchase
A young boy sits sideways on a chair and looks at the viewer. The chair faces the viewer; the boy sits facing to the right, his left leg crossed over the right. He his left hand is on the back of the chair, and his right hand holds his left foot. He has thick waving hair and is dressed in a short black velvet coat and striped pants. Behind him is a curtain and on the floor at lower right is a dark straw hat.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
Arthur Haden
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
A photograph of a nude man sitting on a bed, his back turned toward the viewer. Cloth drapes over the end of the bed, curtains drape over the walls, and a battle helmet sits at his feet. 
McDermott & McGough (American (North American))
Valpinçon Bather
1988 – 1994
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern
The majority of this print is solid black but on the right, there is a sliver of bright pink in the shape of a triangle. The print is signed and editioned in pencil (l.r.) "Patrick Caulfield AP".
Patrick Caulfield (British (modern))
Curtains drawn back from balconies of shores
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick

Ralph Gibson (American (North American))
Silhouette, Paris, from "Artifacts"
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Sobel