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Artist Unknown
Portrait of a Young Man
1850 – 1899
Estate of Professor Arthur Lyon Cross
This stoneware hemispherical form with a direct rim has an interior covered with a creamy white glaze, and an exterior covered with a dark brown glaze.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Jar Cover
800 – 999
Given in memory of James Marshall Plumer by John Maxon, Architecture and Design '41

Lobed jar with lid
14th century
Transfer from the College of Architecture and Design

Josef Eberz
Nächtlicher Circus (cover)
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
Buff stoneware jar rising up from a tall foot ring in an elongated globular body with lobes tapering towards the mouth. The jar has incised decoration and five tubes evenly spaced and protruding upwards from the shoulder. The mouth is covered with a high domed lid incised, and topped with a lotus bud finial. The jar is covered in an olive green celadon glaze.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Covered Five-tube Jar
10th century
Gift of Mrs. Henry Jewett Greene for The Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jewett Greene Memorial Collection
A curvy jar with a long neck and a lid.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Yixing ware covered jar
19th century
Gift of Mrs. Henry Jewett Greene for The Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jewett Greene Memorial Collection

Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Large Box with Cover and Metal Fittings
1615 – 1867
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Round porcelain container with lid.  The base and lid are nearly identical, with incuded designs and red slip under a yellow glaze.
Kawai Kanjirô
Round Box with Lid
1929 – 1942
Gift of Willard A. and Marybelle Bouchard Hanna

Jim Hodges
Untitled, The Peter Norton Family Christmas Project 1998
Gift of The Peter Norton Family Foundation

Fulani (Fulbe)
Blanket (khasa)
1915 – 1925
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Horace M. Miner

Benin (ancient Nigerian)
Leopard Box Lid
1870 – 1880
Gift of Mrs. Chet LaMore
A faintly colored print showing one figure in the lower left driving a covered wagon and one other figure in a dress in the middle of the image. In the background is a body of water with three sail boats. The print's title is in the lower left of the picture.
Maurice Denis (French (culture or style))
La Visitation
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.