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Container for liquids with four nozzles
early 1900s - early 1980s
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Horace M. Miner
A brass container with two separate parts, the container base and a lid cover on top. The container base is flat and round; while the cover has a smei-sphere shape with a narrow neck lid with knob on top.
African (African (general, continental cultures))
Kuduo - Brass Container
1900 – 1985
Gift of Doran H. Ross

Seifū Yohei III
Rectangular covered box with hand-painted chrysanthemum painting
early 1880s - early 1910s
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Canton Ware Tiered 4-part Cylindrical Box
19th century
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing
A melon-shaped stoneware box with a lid, the shape slightly faceted on the sides and the lid concave to a disk-shape center. The box is decorated with freehand floral and geometric designs in blue cobalt pigment, and then a whitish glaze was applied to the whole.
Kiln Unknown, Vietnam
Blue-and-white covered box with floral and geometric designs
16th century
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
This metal scribe box has multiple containers inside to hold ink and other needs of the scribe. It is ornately decorated on the exterior and interior.
Artist Unknown
Moroccan Scribe's Box
Gift of the Estate of Anne L. McGrew
A wooden tea canister with lid. The sides of the canister have an intricate design of mountains, trees and water inlaid to the wood.The shape is tubular and the lid is the same diameter as the base.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Wooden Tea Canister
Gift of the Estate of Anne L. McGrew
A round three-tiered wooden box with black, red, and gold lacquer. It has geometric and animal designs.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Round Three-Tiered Box
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing
This gray earthenware cylindrical vessel rests on three articulated feet. It is covered with a low, domed cap lid.  Painted on the body and lid is a scrolling cloud motif in red, white, purple, and black mineral pigments.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Covered Tripod Vessel
206 BCE – 25 CE
Gift of Domino's Pizza, Inc.
A tiny, rounded stoneware box with a flat-topped lid, the lid decorated with a floral medallion in blue cobalt pigment before the entire box was coated with a whitish glaze.
Kiln Unknown, Vietnam
Blue-and-white miniature covered box with floral medallion on lid
16th century
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
This cylindrical, red earthenware vessel rests on three zoomorphic feet. It is molded in low relief with hills and running animals. Opposing monster masks hold rings as faux handles. The vessel has a high, pointed dome cover moulded with animals running though mountains and clouds. It is covered in a lead green glaze with iridescence and calcification.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Covered Tripod Cylindrical Vessel
25 – 220
Gift of Domino's Pizza, Inc.
This large jar is ovular in shape, with four lines carved across its horizontal axis periodically. The jar shape turns inward from the third line from the bottom. where the fourth line serves as the base of the neck of the jar opening. The natural ash glaze is not applied evenly, but looks as ip it dripped down the sides of the jar in some areas.
Kōyama Kiyoko
Large Jar
1995 – 2005
Gift of the artist
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