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This pop-up book has laser-cut black silhouettes on white paper. Text contrasts with background; white text on black pages, black text on white pages. There is a ship embossed on the cover of the book.
Kara Walker (American (North American))
Freedom, a Fable
Gift of The Peter Norton Family Foundation
A man laying on his back dominates this landscape-oriented black-and-white lithograph. He is fully dressed. Positioned diagonally across the foreground and depicted using dramatic foreshortening, his face is near the viewer (a mustache is visible, and he wears a hat reminiscent of a kepi, or military hat), while his stiff upturned feet lead the eye towards the ramshackle wall of paving stones that cuts horizontally across the top third of the composition. A pair of feet peeking out of striped trousers jut into the lower right foreground, while stones and possibly a wheel fill the left foreground. Hazy fences and buildings rise in the background empty stretches of street.<br /><br />
The work is signed on the stone (on one of the piled-up paving stones) in the front left foreground: “Manet / 1871”.<br /><br />
Title printed in typeface below the image: "GUERRE CIVILE"
Édouard Manet (French (culture or style))
Guerre Civile
Museum Purchase
Metal figural sculpture made of decommissioned AK-47s welded together
Ouk Chim Vichet
Apsara Warrior
1999 – 2007
Museum purchase made possible by Guy and Nora Barron
White glazed porcelain pitcher with two different black silhouette faces in profile, one on each side.
Kara Walker (American (North American))
Museum Purchase
Antique- and aged-looking photograph of a dreamy, perhaps nocturnal, landscape. In the foreground, a massive tree rises up into the hazy night, and trees recede into the distance. White pock marks give the whole scene, sky and land, an ethereal starry look.
Sally Mann (American (North American))
Battlefields, Manassas (Lumpy Cedar)
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund

Antoni Clavé (Spanish (culture or style))
Illustrated page from François Robelais' "Gargantúa"
Museum Purchase