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Text: "The Sword is Drawn The Navy Upholds It!" - U.S. Navy Recruiting Station - 115 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn - (scroll text) We Can Do No Otherwise
Kenyon Cox
The Sword is Drawn, the Navy Upholds it!
1917 – 1919
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons
A man wearing a tunic, cape and boots stands in a minimal landscape. His walking stick seems to be falling away from him at the right as the man points upwards toward the sun's rays, as well as extends his right hand towards fire at the lower left.
René Boyvin
1539 – 1540
Museum Purchase
A girl with long loose hair stands on a carpet in front of drapery. She is wearing a straw hat and cape over her dress; she is wearing flat shoes with rosettes on the top. She stands facing slightly to the left, although her eyes look at the viewer. Her left hand is not visible and her right hand holds the edge of her cape.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
Annie Haden
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Centered in the page in this print are two figures in matching costume, one facing the viewer and one away. They are each dressed in a black suit with pink cumberbund and white socks and gloves. Each figure wears a cape with green interior; the back is white with vegetal and animal motifs in orange, pink, green, grey and black. On the left, the more-visible cape has a grey bird on one side and an orange horse on the other. As visible on the left figure, who faces away, there is a large black collar on the cape in the shape of a triangle, and off of the collar hangs a long pink piece of fabric.  Both figures wear white hats—shaped like umbrellas—that have large plumage of black, orange and green coming from a pole off the top. Lastly, as seen in the right figure, they wear a pink mask with a mustached face.
Carlos Mérida (Guatemalan)
Danza de los Paragüeros
1937 – 1939
Museum Purchase

David B. Capps
Man and Arcade
20th century
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
Elevated, distant view of a lone man walking along a beach, with foamy breaking waves visible in the middleground. 
Harry Callahan (American (North American))
Cape Cod
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art

Heinrich Aldegrever
The Labors of Hercules: Nessus and Deianira (one of the set of 13 prints)
Museum Purchase

Neysa McMein
One of the Thousand Y.M.C.A. Girls in France - United War Work Campaign Nov. 11th - 18th
1913 – 1923
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons

Adolf Arthur Dehn (American (North American))
Easter Parade, from "The American Scene, Series 1"
Museum Purchase

Remigio Cantagallina
Man in Cape and Hat Seated on a Box
1582 – 1630
Gift through the Estate of Edward Sonnenschein

Myron Chapin
Willows at East End (Cape Cod Back Yards)
Gift of The Ann Arbor Art Association, in memory of Ruby S. Churchhill
This costume design shows a man in red tights, black jacket, and wide brimmed hat. A brown cape is draped behind him, and over his left outstretched arm. He wears a grey scarf and grey tied belt.
Georg Kirsta (Russian (culture or style))
Costume for 'Coppelia' by Delibes: Coppelius
Museum Purchase