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This print shows a standing female figure posed in profile. She is standing with one foot slightly forward, holding an open book. Her face is turned downward toward the book. She has a long skirt, bare feet, a draped cloak around her torso and a bonnet with a tie at the back.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
The Novel--Girl Reading
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Krishna, in blue, and Balarama are portrayed in identical poses and wearing peacock-feather headdresses. The paunchy bearded figure at right is their mentor, Sandipani. Two other, older students appear at left. They are seated, approximately equidistantly spaced, in an architectural structure that organizes the space.
Artist Unknown, India, Uttar Pradesh, Chaurapancasika Style
Bhagavata Purana series: Krishna and Balarama Studying with the Brahman Sandipani
1525 – 1550
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Leo S. Figiel and Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Figiel

William Harry Warren Bicknell (American (North American))
Young Knight at his Devotions, Seated in front of a Lecturn, with his Monastic Superior to his Left.
Estate of Professor Arthur Lyon Cross

William Harry Warren Bicknell (American (North American))
Estate of Professor Arthur Lyon Cross

Hasegawa Mitsunobu
A Young Woman Teaching a Boy to Read
1720 – 1740
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Rembrandt van Rijn
A Young Man in Velvet Cap with Books Beside Him
late 1600s - late 1660s
Gift of the Family of Albert Kahn: through Dr. Edgar A. Kahn; Mrs. Barnett Malbin; Mrs. Martin L. Butzel

Peter Maverick
Bookplate: N.Y. Society Library
1755 – 1811
The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection

Wallerant Vaillant
An Apostle
1623 – 1677
Museum Purchase
This work is a double-sided page from a bound album. The painting, depicting a Hindu ascetic walking with his dog in a pastoral landscape, has been placed in a border, decorated with a floral scroll painted in gold on a blue or pale orange ground; a similar border surrounds a calligraphy panel on the reverse side.  The border and the calligraphy panel are both somewhat later in date than the painting itself.<br />The painting of the ascetic and his dog is pasted onto an album page.  It is surrounded by a series of gold floral borders alternating blue and saffron-colored backgrounds.  Wearing a brown poncho-like garment and carrying a fan in his right hand and a bag of his belongings, the lead attached to his white dog, and some tools in his left, he strides through the landscape.  He wears sandals and has long brown matted locks of hair and a graying beard.  The landscape consists of intersecting rounded forms in shades of green and yellow, surmounted by trees along the top and with a larger blue-foliaged tre
Indian;Mughal (Indian (South Asian))
A wandering Shaivite ascetic with his dog
1567 – 1632
Museum purchase, Acquisition Fund

James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French (culture or style))
The Parable of the Prodigal Son (set of 4 prints and title page)
Museum Purchase

Honoré Victorin Daumier (French (culture or style))
Professeurs et Moutards. Pl. 1: Un Service d'ami
Bequest of Carl F. Clarke

Honoré Victorin Daumier (French (culture or style))
Les Representans Representes Pl. 45 Leon Faucher 'Les ennemis politiques...Fauch
Gift of Chet and Mary LaMore
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