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A drawing of two angels side by side in almost the same position.
Henri Laurens
Study of Two Angels
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
The Virgin Mary seated with an infant on her lap. She is surrounded by angels and two saints on either side. To her left, the little St. John the Baptist looks up to her. There is a puti above sprinkling something in the air. Drapes pushed back on either side.
French (French (culture or style))
Devotion of Little St. John the Baptist [Les hommages du petit saint Jean] from a suite of nine scenes of the life of the Virgin
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
An angel flying next to a column, drapes above, staircase below.
Artist Unknown
Angel of Annunciation
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
An angel, draped with a flowing red mantle, descends on the left from a bank of clouds. He holds a scepter and twisting scroll in his left hand while he points with his right toward a white dove encircled by a halo of light that descends toward a woman dressed in long robes and a veil. She sits, holding a book open on the lectern before her, and draws back slightly with her right hand raised and her eyes downcast. Six cherubim sit above on the edge of the cloudbank, which opens to reveal a male figure barely visible in the blinding light that fills the cloud.
Juan de Vald
The Annunciation
Museum Purchase
Paper size: lh 17 1/5cm & rh 17cm x tw 22 7/10cm & bw 23cm. Plate size: h 9cm x w 14 1/10cm. Image size: lh 8 1/10cm & rh 8 3/10cm x tw 13cm & bw 12 1/10cm.
Jean-Honoré Fragonard
Angel Holding a Palm and a Crown
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
A winged figure draped in a toga has descended upon a non-winged figure and is attempting to bind.  The non-winged nude figure has their hands behind their back and with one knee bent and the other leg extended, submits to the winged figure.  Both figures do not have any facial features.
Ben Shahn (American (North American))
1898 – 1969
Given by Bruce Henry, LSA Class of 1948

Mel Alexenberg
Long Island Angel
1937 – 1987
Gift of Pratt Graphics Center
This black and white print shows an outdoor scene with lush leafy trees, open sky and mountains in the far distance. Two figures are walking along a wooded path in the foreground- one is a man with wings wearing robed garments and the other a younger man carrying a single large fish. There is a city shown in the middle distance through the trees and a pasture scene depicted on the right.
Hendrik Goudt
Tobias with the Angel Dragging the Fish (The Large Tobias)
Museum Purchase
This is a large semi-circular painting (lunette) with several figures arranged to accomodate the shape of the canvas. It is night time, so the scene is enveloped in darkness. In the top center area, there is an angel, surrounded by bright light, who holds out a golden goblet toward a man kneeling before him. This man, with arms outstretched, looks up toward the goblet and the face of the angel. His face is illuminated by the light. He is wearing a bright red robe and a dark blue cloak. In the left foreground, there are three men who are sleeping. Two are sitting on the ground and the third, an elderly man with white hair, is reclining in front of them. They have dark blue and brown cloaks wrapped around them. On the lower right, shown in the far distance, is a group of people walking toward the kneeling figure. This scene is painted in dark tones of brown, green, blue and gray, except for the red robe of the kneeling man and areas on faces, arms and legs which are highlighted by a bright light.
Dirck van Baburen
Christ on the Mount of Olives
1615 – 1625
Museum Purchase
An angel, holding a scepter in his left hand and making a gesture of speech with his right, interrupts the Virgin at her reading. She kneels on the floor and rests her left hand on an open book placed atop a lectern. A vase with a flowering lily sits on the floor between the angel and the Virgin and a small white dove encircled by a halo hovers between them. The scene unfolds within an elaborate and richly decorated interior that includes a chair and canopied bed in the background.
Artist Unknown, Antwerp School, Belgium
1515 – 1525
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Charles H. Sawyer
Saints below surrounding a stone pedestal with the inscription "Non est hic. Mat 28", with the Virgin Mary above in the clouds with arms spread out surrounded by smaller angels. At the bottom edge of the print is engraved (left) "Callot fecit" and (center right) "Israel ex. cum priuil. Reg.".
Jacques Callot (French (culture or style))
Assumption of the Virgin [L'Assomption]
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
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