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This photograph depicts a view of some ancient stone ruins. Two columns stand in the center of the photograph, each bearing relief designs and carved hieroglyphics.
Felice Beato (British (modern))
Karnak, Les Deux Stelles Pilliers
1850 – 1862
Transfer from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
A woodcut print map depicting the province of Gangwon-do. Various offices and units are parked with red and blue rectangular cartouches. There is also writing along the entire map border, and to the right of the print are names written in yellow boxes. Rivers and the sea are depicted in light blue while the mountains and typically generic three-peak formations. One mountain in particular stands out due to its height and detail near the upper right side of the map.<br />
<br />
This woodcut print map depicts the province of Gangwon-do, with twenty-six gwan (官; administrative offices) governing nine ju (州; administrative units) in the Yeongdong region (嶺東; the part of Gangwon-do that lies to the east of Daegwallyeong Pass) and seventeen ju in the Yeongseo region (嶺西; the part of the province to the west of the pass) in the nineteenth century. The names of the nine j u in the Yeongdong region are handwritten in ink in blue rectangular cartouches while those of the seventeen in the Yeongseo region are labeled u
Korean (Korean (culture or style))
Map of Gangwon-do Province
19th century
Gift and partial purchase from Bruce and Inta Hasenkamp, purchase with funds from Elder and Mrs Sang-Yong Nam
This photograph depicts an aerial view of an archaeological site on a mountain. A road stretches through the mountainside, which is covered in trees and overlooks a coastal plain.
Marilyn Bridges (American (North American))
Overview, Delphi
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
This photograph depicts an aeriel view of ancient temple ruins. 
Marilyn Bridges (American (North American))
Archaic Temple Overview, Corinth, Greece
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
This photograph depicts an aerial view of ancient stone walls. 
Marilyn Bridges (American (North American))
Stone Walls near Hierapolis
Gift of James (BBA ’89) and Wendy Agah, 2014/2.276
Egyptian temple decorated with carved motifs seen from a slight oblique angle.
Antonio Beato (British (modern))
Temple of Horus at Edfu
1860 – 1870
Gift of W. Howard and Margaret Bond