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Royal Attendant for a Buddhist Shrine (one of a pair)
19th century
Gift from Doris Duke's Southeast Asian Art Collection

Royal Attendant for a Buddhist Shrine (one of a pair)
19th century
Gift from Doris Duke's Southeast Asian Art Collection
A bearded man, wearing a loincloth and a long trailing headband, hangs from a cross by his arms, which have split open beneath the ropes that bind them. His left leg hangs downward and passes behind his right foot, which perches precariously on a forked branch. He strains to his left and gazes upward with his mouth open in a tortured movement augmented by the dramatic sweeps of drapery that frame his torso.
School of Kalkar
The Good Thief on the Cross
1515 – 1525
Museum Purchase
This rectangular panel depicts four sacred figures rendered in dark hues with passages of vibrant red against a gold background. The upper edge of the gilded frame bears the prayer known as the "Hail Mary" ("Ave Maria Gratia Plena Domin[us tecum]").
Madonna and Child with St. Thomas Aquinas and a Bishop Saint
1440 – 1480
Gift of Alice Berle Crawford

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Dvarapala (Buddhist guardian deity)
633 – 666
Gift of Mrs. Caroline I. Plumer for the James Marshall Plumer Collection
This painted panel depicts an intimate domestic setting consisting of a bedchamber with a fireplace and a smaller vaulted antechamber that opens out on a garden. A haloed woman wearing a white veil rests in bed, having recently given birth. She leans to her right as she reaches toward a basin held by an attendant and looks across the room to the infant who is held on the lap of another servant. A halo also encircles the head of the child and a pair of angels fly above her. Several other attendants and midwives bustle about the room, while another woman, more richly clad than the servants, gazes on the child from her seat at the foot of the bed. In the antechamber sits a haloed man in a long white beard, who leans forward to hear news of the birth from the child standing in front of him. A companion sits behind him and a servant passes through the door into the bedchamber.
Sano di Pietro
The Nativity of the Virgin
1448 – 1452
Museum purchase made possible by the Thirtieth Anniversary Project and the Friends of the Museum of Art

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Bodhisattva, possibly Padmapani, seated in lalitasana and holding a lotus bud in the left hand: part of a Buddhist altar group
618 – 907
Museum purchase for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection
This pair of finely carved bust-length figures depicts two men in ecclesiastical garb. On the right appears an older figure who wears elaborate vestments and a papal tiara with a book in his left hand. His deeply lined and wrinkled face conveys a patient wisdom and authority as he stares directly ahead. His more youthful companion, dressed in a simpler collared robe and brimless cap, glances introspectively aside. He grasps an unfurled scroll in his left hand and a diminutive lion stares out from its perch on his left shoulder.
Atelier of J
Busts of Saints Jerome and Gregory
1495 – 1505
Museum Purchase

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Buddhist altar ornament: lotus bud supported by two dvarapala
618 – 907
Museum purchase for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection
An angel, draped with a flowing red mantle, descends on the left from a bank of clouds. He holds a scepter and twisting scroll in his left hand while he points with his right toward a white dove encircled by a halo of light that descends toward a woman dressed in long robes and a veil. She sits, holding a book open on the lectern before her, and draws back slightly with her right hand raised and her eyes downcast. Six cherubim sit above on the edge of the cloudbank, which opens to reveal a male figure barely visible in the blinding light that fills the cloud.
Juan de Vald
The Annunciation
Museum Purchase
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