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A porcelain bottle vase of double gourd form on a flared footring with tall narrow neck and the reverse side flat with a slot for hanging. The vase is outlined in underglaze blue and has a six-character Wanli mark in a plaque framed by a polychrome overglaze lotus leaf on the top, and a lotus flower on the bottom. The front is decorated with underglaze blue and polychrome overglaze enamels to depict a pair of phoenixes flying among clouds on the upper bulb, and two phoenixes facing each other among an earthly flower garden on the lower bulb. These are confined between<em> lingzhi</em>-shaped clouds and lotus meander borders, with banana leaf lappets around the rim, all covered in a clear glaze. 
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Double-Gourd Wall Vase
1573 – 1620
Gift of Marian Doering in memory of Paul M. Doering
A squared porcelain dish with flat bottom, curved sides, and flat straight rim, painted in underglaze porcelain blue and overglaze red and green to create a night landscape on the base. Featuring a willow tree overlooking a body of water with a fishing boat, there is a moon in the sky, and floral sprays around the sides. Underglaze blue vine meanders around the rim. The dish is on a square footring and has gold leaf repairs.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Square Dish
1621 – 1627
Museum purchase made possible by the Augusta Plumer Weiss Memorial Fund