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This photograph depicts a view of a building with a woman standing to the right side of the frame, extending her arm. The architecture is predominately white, curved, and minimal.
Kristin Capp (American (North American))
Hand to Niemeyer, Niteroi, Brazil
Gift of Ms. Kathleen Lauster and Mr. Jarir Derouach
This print includes three seperate images and text.  At the top is a sketch in black ink of the Museum of Modern Art, wrapped in textile, with buildings behind it.  Below is a map of the area in NYC around MoMA and a photograph of MoMA, unwrapped. Handwritten labels and notes are included.
Christo;Jeanne-Claude (American (North American);Bulgarian (culture or style);French (culture or style))
The Museum of Modern Art, Wrapped (Rear), Project for New York
1968 – 1971
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection