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Abstract painting with shades of green, purple, orange, pink, and brown overlapping. There are a variety of brushstrokes and no regular shapes or lines.
Giuseppe Ajmone
Gift of Herbert Barrows
This photograph depicts a view from a rocky coastline looking back at the mainland coast. In the right portion of the frame, a woman in a dress sits on a boulder and looks out to sea.
Giorgio Sommer (Italian (culture or style))
Capri, Punta della Campanella
1866 – 1891
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Bond
This photograph depicts a group of children in a city street. One young girl stands at center of the group with her arms out. She stares directly into the camera, while the others look at her.
Jed Fielding (American (North American))
Naples #709
Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH
This photograph depicts a closeup portrait of a little girl standing on a cobblestone street. Behind her is another girl in a floral dress who poses playfully.
Jed Fielding (American (North American))
Naples #620
Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH

Marino Marini (Italian (culture or style))
Gift of Dr. & Mrs. J. Robert Willson

Marino Marini (Italian (culture or style))
Black Horse on Yellow Ground
Gift of the Lannan Foundation in Honor of the Pelham Family
This photograph depicts a view of a canal lined with stone buildings; an ornate covered-bridge spans the water, connecting the structures on either side. Two men stand on an embankment to which a series of gondolas are docked. 
Carlo Ponti (Italian (culture or style))
Ponte dei Sospiri
1855 – 1870
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
Color lithograph with an abstract design. There is a light blue-green background for upper-half of the work and navy blue for the lower half. Dominating the right side of the print are thick black lines, while abstract white, yellow and pink shapes dominate the left. The print is signed (l.r) "R. Birolli" and numbered (l.l.) "83/100" in pencil.
Renato Birolli (Italian (culture or style))
Laguna Veneta
Gift of the Estate of Helen B. Hall
This abstract composition shows a fantastical, surreal structure comprised of angular shapes in many colors. A shadow is cast on the brown surface upon which the structure stands. 
Mirko (Italian (culture or style))
Allegorical Composition
Museum Purchase
This photograph depicts a wide, ariel view of a city situated on thin strips of land with wide canals running between them. On the central island is a large white church and a wharf with a docked fleet of boats.
Carlo Ponti (Italian (culture or style))
Panorama del Campanile di S. Marco verso S. Maria della Salute (Sud-Ouest)
1860 – 1870
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Becker
This image depicts a scenic view of three bridges spanning a river that runs through the medieval city of Florence.
Giacomo Brogi (Italian (culture or style))
Firenze, Veduta dei Ponti
1875 – 1890
Gift of Howard and Margaret Bond
This photograph depicts a view of the harbor of Palermo, a stone pier running through the frame and a fleet of wooden sail ships at their moorings. In the background rises the mountainous land formation of Monte Pellegrino.
Giorgio Sommer (Italian (culture or style))
Monte Pellegrino e il Molo Palermo
1866 – 1891
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
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