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A photograph of an elderly man in an interior space. In the foreground, three pigeons sit on top of a large cage. The man holds a fourth bird and another cage sits behind him.
Henri Cartier-Bresson (French (culture or style))
Henri Matisse, Vence, France
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund

Albert Kahn (American (North American))
Street in Noyen, France
Transferred from the College of Architecture and Design, 1972—Gift of the Family of Albert Kahn: through Dr. Edgar A. Kahn; Mrs. Barnett Malbin; Mrs. Martin L. Butzel

French (French (culture or style))
Grand Trianon, Bed of Louis-Phillippe I, Versailles (Grand Trianon, Le lit de Lo
19th century
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Bond.

Henri-Joseph Harpignies
Le Cannet
Museum Purchase
Text: Will you help the Women of France? SAVE WHEAT - They are struggling against starvation and trying to feed not only themselves and children: but their husbands and sons who are fighting in the trenches. - United States Food Administration
Edward Penfield
Will You Help the Women of France? Save Wheat
1913 – 1923
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons
Text: War Rages in France - We Must Feed Them - They cannot fight & raise food at the same time - Denying ourselves only a little means Life to them - United States Food Administration
Harry Everett Townsend
War Rages in France - We Must Feed Them - United States Food Administration
1912 – 1922
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons

Emile van Marcke de Lummen
Pasture Grounds in Normandy
1847 – 1890
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis

Samuel Chamberlain
Old Houses in Lisieux
Gift of Mrs. Charles F. Weber

French (French (culture or style))
Satin Brochée
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Text: Fighting in France for Freedom!--Are YOU Helping at Home? - Wild and enthusiastic times marked the victory day's celebration all over the country. Every city vied in having celebrations on Monday when hostilities ceased and it was one joyful day in every place in the United States. New York was a pandemonium of joy and everybody knows they celebrate with a vengeance. Photograph shows one instance of the crowds which Mayor Hyland addressed. - THE TRAILS OF "OUR BOYS" WON'T CEASE WITH PEACE. - When the fighting ends, American soldiers will have to be kept in France a long time. Without the excitement of battle they'll be more homesick and restless than ever before. An that's why every man and every woman must contribute to the United War Work Fund. - IS ANYTHING TOO MUCH?
Artist Unknown
Fighting in France for Freedom! Are You Helping at Home? - Connecticut State Council of Defense
1913 – 1923
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons
Text: REMEMBER THE BOYS IN FRANCE!--WRITE THEM OFTEN - Armistice Results in a Reduction of $1,180,315,000 in Naval Estimates for 1920 Secretary Daniels Reports. However no reduction is made in the estimate of $600,000,000 for a second three years building program of 156 ships including ten super dreadnoughts, six battle cruisers and 140 smaller warships. Photo [signed E. Muller] shows the Minnesota and when the program is carried out the U.S. Navy will be the second largest in the world. - Solf Wants To Separate The Allies; His Whining Notes Must'nt [sic.] Fool You - Germany's recent appeals for mercy were directed at certain sentimental and misguided Americans. Their purpose was to make the Allies wrangle and so allow Germany easy peace terms. Then Germany would be strong enough in a few years to start another war. - We Must Fight This Latest Hun Propaganda
Artist Unknown
Remember the Boys in France!--Write Them Often - Connecticut State Council of Defense
1913 – 1923
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons
Text: Join the Air Service and Serve in France - Do It Now - Apply to - Aviation Examining Board - 308 Hume=Mansur Bldg. Indianapolis
J. Paul Verrees
Join the Air Service and Serve in France - Do It Now - Aviation Examining Board
Transfer from the William L. Clements Library