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A figure is sitting on a lotus-shaped pedestal, which is itself placed on an hexagonal pedestal. The figure wears a drape hanging from the left shoulder and covering the bottom. The arms are placed in front; right hand holding the left index finger. The facial expression is calm; the two eyes looking down; a dot on the forehead. Two elongated ears. A tall crown on the head. The two halos are on the back of the figure; one behind the head and other behind the torso. Two halos are surrounded by an oval-shaped dais. The statue and pedestals are guilded with gold; some polychrome remnants.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Vairocana Buddha (Japanese, Dainichi Nyorai)
17th century
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
A gilt copper figure of a standing man. His right arm is at his side and his left arm is bent at the elbow. The parts of the figure that are not gilt are black.
Artist Unknown
Standing Guatama Buddha in Repousse
Gift of the Estate of Anne L. McGrew

Head of a Buddha
16th century
Gift of Stephen H. and Patricia O. Spurr from the Henry Jewett Greene Collection
A print featuring an overlay of images including blue classical statues and chairs, a green goat, and a yellow man next to a Buddhist statue. 
Robert Rauschenberg (American (North American))
Bequest of Gertrude Kasle
The Buddha in bhumisparsa mudra (the gesture of touching the earth with his right hand, palm inward), signaling his victory over Mara. He is shown under three leaves, indicating the bodhi tree under which he sat while meditating before reaching an awakening. He is shown flanked by two stupas, or reliquary monuments, symbolizing his attainment of nirvana.<br />
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Buddha, seated under a canopy of 3 leaves on a double lotus dais in the padmasana pose, in bhumisparsa mudra, flanked by two stupas
11th century
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Amitabha (Ch. Amitofou) rescues sailors at sea
19th century
Gift of Robert and Frances Wagner

Head of a Buddha
15th century
Anonymous Gift

Head of a Buddha
15th century
Gift of Doris and Ed Wiener

Head of a Buddha, with flaming topknot
1600 – 1799
Gift of the Estate of Margaret E. Tracy

Head of a Buddha, adorned with a crown
16th century
Gift of the Estate of Margaret E. Tracy
A finely cast miniature icon of the Buddha Amit&acirc;yus, seated on a double lotus pedestal.
Tibetan (Tibetan (culture or style))
The Buddha Amitâyus, seated in padmasana on a double lotus base, holding a vase of amrita (the elixir of long life)
18th century
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Leo S. Figiel and Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Figiel